Saturday, July 30, 2016

QUORA Q? : Have people criticized Flipkart for its poor service and customer satisfaction and how did Flipkart respond to it? What was the resolution given?

I am sharing my positive experience with Flipkart as a buyer and negative with amazon
In January i had purchased 32 inch LED TV from amazon which I did not liked because of its voice quality compared to my old 26 inch old sony bravia. Its volume was low and not proper on some channels. I created a return request on amazon as i thought of buying another one from sony or LG or samsung. They told me that i will have to send it back to them at their warehouse and they will pay 100 Rs. courier charges to me. When i inquired it costs more then 5000 Rs to send the TV back here from Surat. So i had not returned it even i wished to.
10 Days back i had purchased Godrej Fully automatic machine from Flipkart. They delivered on time. After 20 days the washing machine started making high noise when drying. Also the washing machine was not cleaning upto the mark. So i had created a return request instead of replacement. They picked up from doorstep and did not charged anything. Got money credited in bank account very next day. And i have purchased whirlpool washing machine from flipkart and awaiting delivery.
But as a seller on flipkart i had one bad experience and so i did stopped selling on flipkart back in 2014 or early 2015. One of my customer ordered a saree listed by us in flipkart. She had smartly cut the blouse piece and had worn in an event. Then she had returned the saree back to us using flipkart’s 30 day return policy. When saree returned its blouse piece was seperated from saree and it had many wrinkles and also perfume smell was coming from it.

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  1. Navneet Singh’s stories are very motivating. However, I do not agree with this quote. You don’t have to be selfish to exist. Whatever we do, we should keep others in consideration.