Sunday, February 6, 2011

ICC Cricket world cup 2011 Unofficial Song.

Hello Guys and Girls, and all the passionate crazy people...!

This is the universal cricketing song, which i have written, its not for one cricketing team, its for all.

Love, Passion, Admire, Spirit, Determination its not one, but all, its Cricket.
When it comes to the world cup, its the biggest event in history,
all teams playing together to achieve one trophy.
Its World Cup.

It takes years of dedication to be the part of cricketing squad appearing for world cup.

And this song is dedicated to every cricketer, every team, with the spirit of universal win.

And here it goes..!

The Starting Chores..!

We Love Cricket, We Play Cricket, We die for cricket,
We are the one man, We are the team, We are the Cricketer's.
We  We We..! we gonna play with hardships, to bring the trophy home.

We the people, We don't just watch cricket, we love it.
Cricket is our passion, Cricket is our Romance.
We Shout like mad, We go crazy.

(And the song really begins..!)

Here we go, here we run, here we die..!
Here we come, here we are.
The cup of cricket is what all we want, we are the crazy mens.
We are here to plunge the world cup 2011.

We are on the best lands, We are in India.
The people here are cheering, the spaces are not even to move,
Voice is Loud, Shouts and Celebrations are big.
Such is the passion for cricket, so say cheers, here we are..!

Here we go, here we come.
Common lets fight, common lets move, common here we come.

We will jump to catch every ball, We will die to stop the ball.
We are the fields-men, We will not let you go...!

We are the batsmen, here we walk down the crease, here we hit it hard,
Centuries and doubles is not what we want, we want the world cup at any cost.

Now is the time don't stop, hit it hard above all the fences, don't loose wickets, hold on.
Here we go, here we come, here we are...!

Here we are, we will not let you stand on the soil, we are to remove the bails off
The big step, the faster pace, the turning ball, the swings, all the tricks to get you off.
Go, Go, Go we will send you back..! We are the bowlers, will bowl you down.

The World cup is all we want...!
The World cup is all we want...!
The World cup is all we want...!

We stand together, we sit together, we plan out together,
We are the bowlers, we are the fielders, we are the batsmen, We are a team.
We are the true spirit of Cricket, we are the Passion.

Here we come, here we move, here we are..!
Will bring the World cup home..!

Here we go, here we run, here we die..!
Here we come, here we are.
The cup of cricket is what all we want, we are the crazy mens.
We are here to plunge the world cup 2011.

The World cup is all we want...!
The World cup is all we want...!
The World Cup is all we want...!

Composed by Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Hope you have loved it. Comments most welcome..!


Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


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