Friday, January 1, 2016

Quote on Success and Pain

Success is more painful then Failure when you achieve it all alone. - Navneet Singh Chauhan

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Hindi Poem - Yeh Duniya

Hindi Poem "Yeh Duniya"

Yeh reeti riwaj ki duniya. Yeh mitte sanskaro ki duniya.

Yeh bheed me tanhai ki duniya.

Yeh kagajo ki kastiyo ki duniya
Yeh jalte khwabo ki duniya.

Yeh bhaeti sheetal hawao ki duniya.
Yeh garm ret ke thapedo ki duniya.

Yeh jeet ke jashn ki duniya, yeh harti insaniyat ki duniya.
Yeh pyaar ki duniya, yeh tanhai ki duniya.
Yeh makano me ghar talasti duniya.
Yeh kalabazari ki duniya.

Yeh jism ki bhuki duniya, yeh aatma me parmatma talasti duniya.
Yeh bhook se tadapti duniya, yeh mehfil me rang badalti duniya.

Yeh peekar jhoomti duniya, yeh pani ko tarasti duniya.

Kisiki yaado me kat jati tanhai ki duniya.
Sath reh kar bhi ladti jagadti duniya.
Yeh khushi ki chikchariyo ki duniya... yeh aansuo se sani gamo ki duniya.

Yeh karwat badalti 'hansi aur gum' ki duniya. Har rang se rangi hai yeh berang duniya.

- Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Love Quotes

I may fail to show, but i will never fail to proof. #Love #LoveQuotes

Love Quotes

I may fail to show, but i will never fail to proof. #Love #LoveQuotes

Experiencing other's pain

No matter how beautiful a shoe looks;
it could still be full of pointed pins.

You never know others pain unless you try to put your leg in others shoe.

For some others life looks to be better
And they never realized how much more blessed they are.

Celebrate life.

Happy new year 2016 wishes.