Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day - A Few small steps for a big change.

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated across the Globe on April 22 to remind us of our responsibilities towards sustainable development.

On this Earth day let us pledge to make our efforts to save the earth. If every one of us does our bit we will have a much better and greener world.

Here are a few things we can work upon to protect our mother earth.
1. Organic Roof Garden

Organic Rooftop garden not only beautifies our home but also grows flowers, fruits, and vegetables. It also gives us breaths (Oxygen). Its a great way to be environment-friendly and be carbon neutral. It also keeps our home temperature lower naturally as it prevents direct heating from sunlight, hence reducing the usage of air condition/fans and saving on electricity bills. 

By doing organic farming through organic rooftop we get a feeling of living close to nature amidst city life. Organic food is very healthy compared to food available in the markets which are usually cultivated using pesticides, germicides etc. By not consuming unhealthy food, organic farming on rooftop keeps us healthy and fit and keeps diseases like cancer at bay. 

Thus it's beautiful and good for nature and us.

2. Adapting Electric Vehicles

Drive an eVehicle like eCar, eBikes. 

This will both save your pockets and reduce pollution from environment. Also for other vehicles drive your vehicle in Economy range, Stop the fuel engine when waiting for long at traffic signals. This will save fuel up to 20%. It will save your pocket and environment too..!