Sunday, July 9, 2023

Poem dedicated to my son: You are my little star

Hello Readers.

Most of you might be aware that I have a 7 year old son. His name is Aum and he studies in class-2.

He is super-excited about everything space (planets, stars, rockets, space missions & beyond)

Lately, I had written a poem for him and I am sharing this with my lovely readers. 

Understanding the UCC Uniform Civil Code in India: A Step Towards Equality

What is UCC? Aka Uniform Civil Code and why it has been in news recently in India?

Uniform Civil Code (UCC)
The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a proposed set of laws that would govern all personal matters in India, regardless of religion or caste. The UCC has been a topic of debate in India for many years, with some people arguing that it is necessary to promote equality and justice for all citizens, while others argue that it would violate religious freedom. The current government has expressed support for the UCC, but it is unclear when or how it will be implemented.