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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Poem dedicated to my son: You are my little star

Hello Readers.

Most of you might be aware that I have a 7 year old son. His name is Aum and he studies in class-2.

He is super-excited about everything space (planets, stars, rockets, space missions & beyond)

Lately, I had written a poem for him and I am sharing this with my lovely readers. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hindi Poem - Dard Ae Ishq

A friend of mine who got his heart broken on this Valentine's Day... These lines are written for him on request...! Poem is in Hindi...!

Want me to write for you? Drop me an email at

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hindi Poem - Meri Patang (हिंदी कविता - मेरी पतंग )

मेरी पतंग 

आसमान में देखो लहरा रही मेरी पतंग 
आसमान में हवा से लडती देखो मेरी पतंग

क्षितिज की आस, और अनुभूति की कल्पना से मुस्कुराती
जिंदगी से जुज्ती, टकराती मेरी पतंग

असीम आसमान में अनगिनत  उम्मीद,
अनकहें अनजाने सपनो के साथ,
आसमान में उडती देखो मेरी पतंग।

निचे देख उचाई से घबराती 
और क्षतिजज से दूरी गठ्थी देख मुस्कुराती मेरी पतंग

अचानक यह क्या हुआ, थोड़ी थोड़ी घबराई, थोड़ी सेम्ही मेरी पतंग
सम्पूर्ण रूप से स्वतंत्र आसमान में,
डोर के बंधन से मुक्त लहराती मेरी पतंग

निचे नन्हे हथेलियों में बड़े ख्वाब लिए खडी 
नन्हे बालक को देख मुस्कुरा दी मेरी पतंग
थोडा घबरा के नन्हे बालक के हाथो में आ गई मेरी पतंग

कुछ ही पल में, कुछ पैसों में देखो बिक गयी मेरी पतंग,
पर फिर भी नन्हे बालक की ख़ुशी से खुश थी मेरी पतंग

फिर एक बार उसका सोदा हुआ,
और नए मालिक के हाथ में आ गई मेरी पतंग
सिर्फ एक आखरी उड़ान को व्याकुल देखो मेरी पतंग

उसका यह सपना भी सच हुआ, 
कुछ ही देर में आसमान में, हवा से टकराती 
और क्षतिज की आस में उडती मेरी पतंग

फिर नए जोश, और पूरी ताकत से, 
अपनी आखरी उड़ान को उडती मेरी पतंग

नयी आशा, अभिलाषा और अपनी आखरी उड़ान की अनुभूति के साथ
आसमान में आगे बदती मेरी पतंग

सूरज की किरणों से टकराती, बादलो से बाते करती,
हवाओं में नए गीत गुनगुनाती,
रंग-बिरंगे आसमान में सरगम छेडती मेरी पतंग
चन्द लम्हों की ज़िन्दगी में हर पल जीती मेरी पतंग

ज़िन्दगी कुछ पालो की ख़ुशी और फिर ढेर सारे गम
फिर टूट गया डोर का साथ और वोह सारे सपने,
मिलन की आष और क्षितिज का अधुरा ख्वाब

लाचार बेबस निचे गिरती, ज़मीन पर आ
आन्धे मून गिरी देखो मेरी पतंग
मृत्यु की पीड़ा से तड़पती और ज़िन्दगी से नाराज बेबस मेरी पतंग

इतने में फिर एक आस पैदा हुई उसके मन में
एक पतंग लुटेरा देख नए ख्वाब बुनती मेरी पतंग

पतंग लुटेरा आया, उसे हाथो में उठाया,
पर यह क्या उसे लचर बेबस छोड़ वोह चलदिया
अपना कोई मोल नहीं यह जान टूट गई मेरी पतंग

अंतिम क्षणों में आस्मां के सुन्हेरे रंगों 
और ज़िन्दगी के यादगार लम्हों को यद् करते करते मर गई मेरी पतंग

पर अपने पीछे छोड़ गई, कई सुनहरी यादें,
नन्हे से हाथो में दे गई ढेर साडी आशाएं

मृत्यु दम तक लड़ना 
और हर पल को जीने के सबक के साथ मर गई मेरी पतंग
मर गई मेरी पतंग

- नवनीत सिंह चौहान 

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Thanks for the read;  Will Love to hear from you, Please leave your valuable comments behind.

Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Poem on Chat Love - Cyber Love

Dear Readers.

Here I present a poem dedicated to all chat lovers. I wrote this poem back in year 2006. The poem desperation of a guy to meet her girl whom he had chatted since long. 

Here it Goes...

Chat Love
My Heart beats fast when I sign in.
It crumbles to know that you are offline.
It pines for you to be online.
It gets pleasure when you are online.
And automatically sounds in yours presence
It forgets all the pains which I have when you are online.

It just wants to chat with you and dreams nothing but you.
It gets pleasure with yours nice character.
And always gives a wish to be with you.
It never likes to get off but on and on with you.
It needs no energy but just you and you.
As for it, you are the ultimate source of energy.

It breaks when gets interrupted by someone or when connection to the server fails.
It breaks when sweet lady like you appear to be offline.
It breaks by listening a dead end love story of yours.
It breaks after knowing true facts about your life.
It breaks by yours pain and want's to share your pain.
It breaks but simultaneously places a soft hand to share your pain.

I know these words of mine will give you much pain but I can't control of my emotions.
As it spreads through the eyes and wet my neck.
A pain in the heart which only you can heel.

My Heart knows better than me that we cannot meet.
But then too, It wants just a site of you to live forever.
It knows that we can never be of each other but it still pines for you.
It seems it is impossible for me to live without you.

Distance between us is large that cannot be filled.
The burns are so high that cannot be healed.
It needs a strong support of you to cross the boundaries of the world to meet you.
It needs yours crushing help to make the impossible possible.

What can I say further now, It's all up-to you.
My emotions said everything which I never wish to say.
The Pain in my heart aroused "Love" which is hard to stop.
The Cyclone which erupted due to yours love has disaster-ed the life of mine.
It's all upto you.
To decide of my life.
It's all up-to you.
It's all up-to you.

 - Navneet Singh Chauhan.
Date - 8th June 2006
Time - 12.30 AM

Hope you love it.
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Poem - A Child's Cry

Hello Superstars.

Today I am presenting a poem - "A Child's Cry" written quite back on 16th May 2008 at 01 PM.
I was at Bharuch Railway Station and found a 5-6 year boy crying and begging for food and later I pen downed my random thoughts on paper. So here I present.

A Child's Cry.
Poem - A Child's Cry.
1+2=2, You know? I don't know.
I know how to cry and Laugh.
But 1+2=2. You know? I don't know.

Oh! Mummy Papa I am here.
You know, I don't think so.
I Love You so much.
You know? I don't think so.
1+2=2. You know? I don't know.

I am looking for you here and there.
With Empty Stomach and eyes full of Tears.
You Know? I don't think so.
Why did you left me alone to cry and dry?
You know? I don't know.

The World is so harsh and rude.
You know,  I know it.
Everyone runs behind money,
No one ready to Help.
You know,  I know it.

Birds Fly, Fairy tales are lie.
Fishes Swim, and Angles do never exist.
You know, I do know.

Money matter and everything shatters.
The world never pampers.
You know, I do know.

I had a wish to die and leave the world behind.
You know? - I don't think so.

1+2=2, You know? - I don't know.
I know how to cry, laugh and love.
But 1+2=2, You know, I don't know.

My only wish is to get you.
You know? -  I don't think so.
Where are you, Mummy-Papa?
You know, I miss you so much.
Will not be able to live without you.
You know, I don't think so.

- Navneet Singh Chauhan

I hope it would have left you little emotional. I wish no child ever get's away from their parents or no parents in this world ever leaves a child behind on the mercy of the world. Also I appeal to you to help such kids to the best possible of yours. Lets Spread a Smile.

Will like to hear from you. Feel free to leave your valuable comments behind.
Image  Courtesy - Blogger
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hindi Poem on Terrorism

Dear Readers.

Here I present my FIRST POEM. I wrote this poem when I was 15 year old or so.

And coincidentally this is the only PUBLISHED Poem written by me. The poem has been published in Navchetan English Medium School 10th year completion special edition magazine. I have been to this school right from Lower Kindergarten to High School.

The Poem is written in Hindi (India's National Language and my Mother Tongue) and is dedicated to all Terrorists across the globe. Synopsis for English Readers at the end. I will like to translate this Poem in English in Future and in-case I will update this post.

And here it goes....

हाय रे आतंक यह केसा है तू 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rajput Poem - Rajputana

Dear All Readers.

Being born in a Rajput Chauhan Family is one of the biggest pride i ever had since. So today I am dedicating a poem to all my Rajput brother's and sister's. I hope you will love it and get inspired too. For my English reader's - sorry i am unable to bring the same in English for the time being but you can go through a brief about the poem at the end.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Almighty Hair - A Romantic Poem

It's so fascinating, It's so amazing.
It's Admirable, It's Astounding.
It's my passion, it's my Love.
It's Silky, it's long and Sleek.
It's the Almighty, it's your hair - "My Love"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Romantic Poem - Beat Beat My heartbeats

Hello Readers.
After long time i have finally written a new romantic poem, "Beat". Thanks to the monsoon. Expect more in this rain.

So here it goes...

Beat beat my heartbeats.
Beat beat my heart goes.
Beat beat beat it finds you.

Knock knock it knocks the door.