Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reservation Policy of India makes me rethink, Is India a Secular Country ?

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Today I am going to give my personal opinion on Reservation Policy of India. (Please take some time to give your opinion on this issue, you will get the link to Facebook Questions at the end of the post.)

If you are an Indian, you must have read in class 7th in Social Studies, that India is a Secular Country.

And if you are not then too You must have heard of it.

In a Secular Country it is expected that every citizen gets equal rights.

Our country claims that it is a secular country but when I try to think the other way then sorry I don't think the same.

I am going to give you an example.

You are in class 12th (higher secondary education). You are too good in studies  and eager to become a doctor.

And you have a friend who is also a classmate of yours, who is an average or below average in studies. You both have many things in common.

You are best friends.

You both have your own owned house, you both are neighbors. You both have got equal respect and other things in life.

And when exam results comes you scored 92% marks, and your friend just 51% marks.

And You do not get admission in Medical college even at self financed college and your friend gets admission in Medical college that too at Government financed.

Thanks to the Reservation Policy of India, that did a great justice to your hardwork.

The only difference between you and your friend was that he belonged to a reserved caste like ST (Social Tribe).

Your dream is churned out and the one who didn't have thought to be a doctor just becomes a doctor because he got admission.

Is this a justice ? Will you still think the same ? Is India a Secular Country ??

Every day thousands of millions of dreams are churned away by this reservation system of our country.

Many undeserving candidates enjoy the benefits at the same time.

I always wonder what these doctors and engineers who are not that qualified will give to our society.

They might even take life's of people as they do not qualify to the dignity honored.

Think a student who somehow passes the exams becomes a civil engineer because he belongs to certain reserved caste, followed by he gets a job in government as construction engineer again because he belongs to certain caste.

He never studied hard because he was assured that he has pool of opportunities as he will get out as reserved candidate.

He has insufficient knowledge. And then he gets a job and then he works on major projects.

This Engineer will construct bridges, airports, grounds like Commonwealth games, Who knows he may also construct a Nuclear power station. I fear these are bound to have some problems or errors. This may kill masses.

I am not sure where this reservation policy will lead us. 

Ohhh the other side, what about the open caste students, job seekers ?

To be a good doctor, engineer from a reputed institute becomes too hard or just a dream. Getting a government job is next to impossible to them. Thanks to our Great Reservation Policy.

There are many many people who belong to open castes, who are very poor. Who do not get right education, right job. At the same time there are many many people from other castes, Who are rich, have everything in there life, they are no more socially out-casted. Still they eat up these poor open castes candidates seats. Though open caste candidate may have scored higher, though they are more talented, though they are comparatively poor and have faced more social concerns then these reserved castes. The reserved caste candidates get that seat which the other guy actually deserves.

After Independence the social status of reserved castes is increased, there is no more discriminations between people based on castes in most of states of India.

But still we have this Reservation policy, which indeed is creating discrimination.

So this is high time we need to revise this  Non-secular reservation policy.

Today's Reservation Policy secures above 50% of seats to the candidates from SC, ST, And other backward castes (OBC) which is even against the Mondal Commissions suggestion that Reservation should not be above 50%, And this reservation policy was framed by Mondal Commission only. Also the government itself is confused with the term, "OBC" (Other Backward Castes)

I am in an opinion that this caste based Reservation policy should be taken back to its fullest.

And there should be no reservation policy. 

This will give equal justice, rights to all the people.

Let there be a healthy competition, may the best win.

Let there be no reservation, Let there be no discriminations.

This will make India a truly SECULAR country.

And then Every Indian will be truly proud of being an INDIAN.

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Jai Hind.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.