Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Cyclone Tauktae is forming in Arabian Sea | Know the Dates, Location and Speed

May 2021 |  Pre-Monsoon Cyclone - A low-pressure area is forming in the southwest Arabian sea.

The low-pressure area will develop further in the coming 48 hours and could bring good pre-monsoon rains, particularly in Kerala, Karnataka and Goa. The low pressure area might further advance into Cyclone Taukta. The cyclone is expected to hit either  Gujarat coast or Pakistan bringing rains all over the western ghats and Gujarat.

Important dates, location and wind speed possibilities of the cyclone Tauktai / low-pressure system

Monday, May 10, 2021

Jagat Seth - Worlds Richest Family from 18th Century India | Popularly unpopular

Popularly Unpopular is a new series by me that would cover some very popular faces from the past who are little known today.  

In the first post of the series, we are writing about "Jagat Seth's" who were often recognized as the richest family of their time. His name literally meant "Banker of the World" and was the title given to him and his family by the then Bengal king.

Jagat Seth world's richest man from Murshidabad bengal india
Jagat Seth - The Marwadi who lend money to the kings