Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quote on being busy

Its Good to be pretending to be Free rather then pretending to be Busy...! Cheers...!

Saturday, May 11, 2013



For 1st Four Years


In last year

Remove all those who have been caught or suspected in corruption just to ensure good image of party.

Pass a major bill (Example Last time - NREGA (Employee Guarantee bill) and this time - Food Safety (in process to be passed).

Once passed....!

Promote Promote Promote. Spend billions on TV ad and awareness campaigns...!

Go to public stating we are going to do this and that...! (they will not say a word on what has been done as its nothing)

Do whatever it takes to get votes....!


Again Eat Eat Eat Eat...!

They even eat up the policy which gave them vote...!

Come up with new policy in last year and the show goes on.....!

This is my personal opinion and it may defer with reality. Posted in Lighter note - Just for Fun.

By - Navneet Singh Chauhan

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poem - Yeh duniya

Yeh Duniya agar mil bhi jaye toh kya hai?
Yeh Duniya agar mil na paye toh kya hai?
Yeh bemano ki, gaddaro ki duniya.
Yeh bebasi ki, lachari ki duniya.
Yeh paiso ki duniya hai bikta hai insaan bhi yaha hai.
Yeh thagne walo ki duniya, yeh juthi hai duniya.

Yeh duniya agar mit bhi jaye toh kya hai.
Yeh duniya agar kuch ban jaye bhi toh kya hai?

Yeh bujte chirago si duniya, yeh jalti masalo ki duniya.
O re duniya, wah ri duniya.

Ghirake sambhale jo koi.
Wahi agge dubade kahi.
Yeh haseen chehro ke piche,
Matlabiyo ki duniya.
Yeh insano ke bhes mein
Bhediyo ki duniya.

Yeh bheed me kahi khatam hoti duniya.
Yeh gulcharo me, dhuye me udti duniya, sharabo ke rango me rangi yeh duniya.

Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye toh kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil na paye toh kya hai

Kahi roshni dikhi thi, magar chingariyo se jali thi yeh duniya.

Jo janma yaha har koi roya. Pa ke bhi sab kuch, sab kuch hai khoya.

Yeh duniya agar mil bhi jaye toh kya hai
Yeh duniya agar mil na paye toh kya hai?

Written by Me. (Navneet Singh Chauhan).

Inspired from move Gulaal song - o re duniya.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Quote on Life is a Race

If Life is a Race you may Run or sit and relax with me watching everyone Run. And bet on who wins and enjoy the race. - Navneet Singh Chauhan

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Quote on Man as an animal

A man is the wildest animal if left alone...!

A Man is the most intellectual and social being if "Cultured" properly and guided by "Laws"

- Navneet Singh Chauhan

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Hindi Poem - Apne huye Begane

Jo Hath Dushman se mil jate hai,
Woh apne kaha reh jate hai?

Woh Dard dushman ke vaar mein kaha hota hai
Jo Dard Apno ke begane ho jane ka hota hai.

Kapta hu, Sehmta hu, Pareshan hu,
Magar apne dil ka hal kise Sunau.
Jinse thi ummeed wahi toh apna na raha.
Kal tak jispe tha bharosa yakin,
aaj wahi apna na raha.

Us ghadi par aaj bhi hai afsoos jab apna samaj hath thama tha.
manjilo door chalne ka vada kiya tha.
sath sath hasne aur rohne ka vada kiya tha.

Magar Jab Ghum ke badal barse, Jab yeh bijli hum par thi giri.
Jab sawan tha phoot kar roya, Jab bhich gai thi apno ki lashe
Tab jispe sabse jyada tha bharosa, Jise thi sari ummed,
Woh the sirf tum, woh the sirf tum.

Nakli aasuao me dubba, aaya tha tu bhi maram lagane
Yaad hai woh waqt jab hath rakha tha tune sirhane.
Maloom na tha ki woh maraham ke bahane tu sakhm de jayega.
Apnepan ke bahane, begana kar jayega.

Kabhi behbas ho kar khudpe hasta hu.
toh khud ko kahi chupa leta hu.
Magar Aaj phir himmat jutata hu.
Haar na manne ki, akhri dum tak ladne ki
Khudme Shakti aur Vishwas jagata hu.
Waqt phir badlega, Aur duba suraj kal phirse niklega
Badlav ki aandhi me tum bhi beh jaoge.
Mere aansuo ke seh-labh me tum bhi doob jaoge.

Mere andar ka soya abhiman jagata hoon.
Swayam hi sansar vijay karne ka pran karta hu.

- Navneet Singh Chuhan

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Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Random Questions on this Republic Day

Firstly, a Very Happy Republic Day to each and every citizen of India.

I am sharing some random questions in my mind on this 64th Republic Day.

Here they go...

Has this 64 year old democracy given timely proper justice to all?

Has this Democracy being successful giving proper Leaders (politicians)?

Has this democracy being successful cultivating a good culture among its citizens?

Has this democracy being successful in making people feel free to express their concerns?

Has this democracy promoted good causes and threaten evils?

Are the parts of democracy (police, emergency services) friendly enough so that people feel them they are for their help?

Has this democracy being successful in creating no differences among citizens (caste based reservation and distinctions, religion and region base distinctions)

Is this democracy being in a state to accept right changes? (jan lokpal bill)

Has this democracy honored all its Martyrs the way they should be?

Is it truly "By the people, for the people"

Probably not all questions are answered positively? Isn't it? (You can share you answers in comments)

I believe we must celebrate this democracy for the martyrs and for our brave defense forces which is a part of democracy. But are we in a state to celebrate this democracy in a holistic approach?

Celebrate it, no questions on that but its a long way to go.....!

Navneet Singh Chauhan