Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Random Questions on this Republic Day

Firstly, a Very Happy Republic Day to each and every citizen of India.

I am sharing some random questions in my mind on this 64th Republic Day.

Here they go...

Has this 64 year old democracy given timely proper justice to all?

Has this Democracy being successful giving proper Leaders (politicians)?

Has this democracy being successful cultivating a good culture among its citizens?

Has this democracy being successful in making people feel free to express their concerns?

Has this democracy promoted good causes and threaten evils?

Are the parts of democracy (police, emergency services) friendly enough so that people feel them they are for their help?

Has this democracy being successful in creating no differences among citizens (caste based reservation and distinctions, religion and region base distinctions)

Is this democracy being in a state to accept right changes? (jan lokpal bill)

Has this democracy honored all its Martyrs the way they should be?

Is it truly "By the people, for the people"

Probably not all questions are answered positively? Isn't it? (You can share you answers in comments)

I believe we must celebrate this democracy for the martyrs and for our brave defense forces which is a part of democracy. But are we in a state to celebrate this democracy in a holistic approach?

Celebrate it, no questions on that but its a long way to go.....!

Navneet Singh Chauhan