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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Understanding the UCC Uniform Civil Code in India: A Step Towards Equality

What is UCC? Aka Uniform Civil Code and why it has been in news recently in India?

Uniform Civil Code (UCC)
The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a proposed set of laws that would govern all personal matters in India, regardless of religion or caste. The UCC has been a topic of debate in India for many years, with some people arguing that it is necessary to promote equality and justice for all citizens, while others argue that it would violate religious freedom. The current government has expressed support for the UCC, but it is unclear when or how it will be implemented.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Policies for Better India

Right from the day we started fighting for an Independent India there had been a vision about Dream India..!

Dream India - The India it should be was envisioned by many patriots like shaheed e azam Bhagat Singh ji and Mahatma Gandhi ji.

But It has been long way and most things are still under achieved.

One of the basic point of Gandhi's vision on swaraj was "Organizing the society and economy of free India in such a way that the basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, health, education, security, and self-esteem) of all were met satisfactorily and on a priority basis)" is still a long way to go...!

Though we have strive in many fields and have been successful in fighting against diseases like Polio, Leading the IT industry, India's Space missions, and so...!

But many of Indians are still not able to meet the basics of life and even necessity is not met. Water, Food, Shelter and Sanitation remains the struggle for common man...! And there are very few efforts by government which can be appreciated. Many policies were made but not implemented. It all remained a vote bank politics.

Britishers left the country long back.. but they left the legacy behind - Divide and Rule...! Literally most political parties have a divided segment of population for votes...! Some divides us we Indians based on Religion, Some on Castes. Selective Division of People and Selective Unity for votes has been the rule to be in power may it be any political party. And once in power selective policies for the selective group of people for the selective growth has been implemented this has resulted into many issues.

1. Reservations - Reservations has been the golden rule of dividing the society as selective vote banks. The policy of development of people based on caste has been chosen and implemented not based on economy. Selective Caste based division for Education, Jobs, And even promotions and special recruitment drives still keeps people reminded of which caste they belong too.

Probably a child in city learns first time what caste is while he completes his high school. Some people are taught by the society and some are taught by the systems. This keeps India Divided.

The policy is not completely worth condemning. It has done many good things for the people who have been neglected, under-estimated and dishonoured. But somehow in today's date it is not meeting the demand of the changing India. Hence it needs to be modified.

The policy is of benefit to the riches of targeted audience but somehow cannot meet the expectations of even poor of the targeted castes. There are many people from SC, ST, OBC who still remains in poverty and benefits have not yet reached to them which was supposed to be. Where as this selective policy has caused trouble to open caste and they face difficulties in completing their education. A 90% scorer of open caste cannot meet his dream to be a doctor where as an ST candidate of 55% can. Similarly in other trades like Engineering. Result is not so qualified doctors and engineers and other professionals. And there is no hope for poor open caste people as they have no help from government.

So this policy should be changed and thought over again considering the development of all.

The policy should be such that it does not divides people and offers growth to all.

My suggestion is that there should be no reservation in Jobs and promotions and education. And no compromise on Seats as well. No compromise on merits and talent as well. There are many reserved free seats in many colleges. These should be increased and even private schools, colleges must be forced to have atleast 10 percent seats reserved for the poor. And a government body to be enacted which will fill these seats based on economy conditions of the applicant without compromising the merits.

2. Implementations of Law

Independent India have quite good laws to ensure rights of every citizen but  somehow they are not implemented properly. The criminals are not punished and at times police just accuse somebody wrongly and punish it. Still after 66 years of independence women safety remains an issue and in fact crimes are growing. There is a need of bringing fast track courts, increasing the number of judicial bodies, increasing the number of courts and hearing capacity, increasing the number of high courts as well. We can surely have more then one highcourt in more then one city of a state. We can surely have four supreme courts, one in north, one in west, one in south and one in east. And Above all remains the president as in current scenario. Why we must remain conservative that there must be only one high court in a state and only one supreme court in a country?

3. Vision And policies for every Indian, not just high class

Most policies have been drafted thinking the higher class, the poors have been always ignored or not considered. May it be related to healths, justice or food and shelter. 

I will try to explain with a simple example.

Say there are how many trains which connects metro's like Delhi - Mumbai and have AC coaches and is a superfast train?

Most people will say common AC train is aught to be super fast and you have a big list.

Now i ask there are how many super fast passenger trains?

What super fast passenger trains?? Passenger trains and Fast?

Is there a single train which has all general coaches and is a super-fast train between any metro?

The answer is most probably No. At least upto best of mine information there is no such train.

When there is a huge rush in general coaches, why such things are not planned and implemented?

Is the railways only for a certain class of people? Does the time value of a poor is less? Why there can't be a super fast train with all general coaches?

When it comes to make policies for poor there is a lag. They are just drafted in air. 

Sanitation, Food and Health, Safety, Shelter, Proper Education still remains the basic requirements for most Indians after so many years of independence.

We really need to think and drive the nation to right direction.

Our wrong policies are becoming one of the biggest hurdles. The talent is fleeing out of the nation because of reservations, and improper laws and corruptions. Poors are not getting enough opportunities to move ahead. And the middle class is struggling hard against the odds like inflation. Economic stability remains a concern...!

Thanks and Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Some Random Questions on this Republic Day

Firstly, a Very Happy Republic Day to each and every citizen of India.

I am sharing some random questions in my mind on this 64th Republic Day.

Here they go...

Has this 64 year old democracy given timely proper justice to all?

Has this Democracy being successful giving proper Leaders (politicians)?

Has this democracy being successful cultivating a good culture among its citizens?

Has this democracy being successful in making people feel free to express their concerns?

Has this democracy promoted good causes and threaten evils?

Are the parts of democracy (police, emergency services) friendly enough so that people feel them they are for their help?

Has this democracy being successful in creating no differences among citizens (caste based reservation and distinctions, religion and region base distinctions)

Is this democracy being in a state to accept right changes? (jan lokpal bill)

Has this democracy honored all its Martyrs the way they should be?

Is it truly "By the people, for the people"

Probably not all questions are answered positively? Isn't it? (You can share you answers in comments)

I believe we must celebrate this democracy for the martyrs and for our brave defense forces which is a part of democracy. But are we in a state to celebrate this democracy in a holistic approach?

Celebrate it, no questions on that but its a long way to go.....!

Navneet Singh Chauhan

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Disable Coach position of Indian Railways

Hello Readers.

Firstly I will like to say "Thanks" to Indian Railways for thinking about Disabled / differently abled person and developing a customized coach understanding the requirements of disabled person and attaching one disable coach in almost all running trains. This has been a welcome step for disabled / differently abled people because most general compartments these days hardly have place to sit and it is certainly a big problem for disabled people in traveling in general coaches.

But all that glitter's isn't Gold. Indian railways certainly did a great job but missed a big deal regarding the position of disabled coach. Currently it has been positioned just behind the Engine or the last coach in most trains. This inherently means that disabled coach comes too far from main railway entrance.

Many trains are quite good in lengths and there are many stations which have small platforms. In such trains like 19116 Bhuj Bandra Sayaji Nagri Express these coaches comes too far from railway station entrances. And in stations with small platforms like Kosamba (R.S), Surat these coaches even don't come on platforms. They are positioned too far.

Even for a normal passenger it's difficult to enter the train without a platform. Now imagine the pain a disabled / differently abled fellow has to take when entering in disabled coach from such station. Firstly he has to travel almost some 200 meters to reach the place where he can expect the train. Even if Wheel Chairs are provided its still tough to reach there because of stone laded railway tracks and even if they reach entering into trains without platforms is hard. At times disabled people are unable to reach to the coaches and they have to travel in general coaches because of improper position of coaches and general coaches are generally overloaded. Also Railways need to ensure that most people are aware of the availability of Wheel chair services for disabled / differently abled person.

Pics says much more then words. So here i am attaching some images taken by me at Kosamba Railway Station, Surat.

Disable Coach Position in Intercity Express at Kosamba Railway Station

Sayaji Nagri Express standing at Kosamba Railway Station can't find platform at both ends.

As per last weeks incident a lady somewhere in 50's was pulling a lady almost in late 70's. It appeared like she had disability in legs, she was literally being ragged on platform by the other lady in-order to take her to the coach. She could not take her to disable coach being so far positioned. I was coming out of the general coach and found the old lady in miserable condition. I asked her "why you are pulling her like this?" the lady screamed "she has problem in legs, and I wish to take her along with me". I moved my hands for the help to get her inside the train.. I asked why you did not took the wheel chairs from station...! she was shocked hearing that she could have taken the wheel chairs; and gave blank look, she added son i was not aware about it...! Somehow me along with a friend helped both the ladies to enter the overcrowded general train coach. This incident took place at Kosamba Railway Station (PIN 394120) in Train Bandra - Bhuj Sayaji Nagri Express.

Railways take care of business class people by placing AC coaches at center, but I think they can travel a few steps more in order to accommodate disabled coach in center. Railways must do this to the soonest possible. Everyday many disabled people face such instances.

And we must also raise voices so that railways takes the necessary action. Lets express our concerns that we are ready to walk few steps additional but please do put the disabled coach somewhere at center.

I have filed a written complaint to Railways for this serious concerns but its been a month to hear from them.

Please do take some time to write to the railways so that they can hear it.

Here's the link to Railways customer care were you can complaint

Hope you will do the needful.

Navneet Singh Chauhan

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving towards a better nation. Moving from Socialist approach to nationalist approach

Dear Readers.

I will like to express my personal opinion on Socialism Vs. Nationalism and How we can move towards a better India.

I believe socialist approach can be dangerous to the nation in longer terms. 

I will like to begin with these words

"There should not be right to Food, there should be Right to Work.
There should be an opportunity to Succeed, Not Right to Succeed.

Socialist approach says one should get right to food but Nationalist approach is "One should get right to work". If one is determined to work he should get work. This work will in-turn bring money and hence food and shelter to them.

I will like to give two current examples.

1. Socialist approach - Newly Elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Mr. Akhilesh Yadav has declared that everyone in Uttar Pradesh who is above the age of 35 will get 1000 Rs. every month at home.

What will be the outcome of this approach? - More people will like to get enrolled in this list. Many will prefer not to work and sit home. These type of policies indeed harms the development of the state. Such policies should never be adopted. Instead people should me motivated to work. If everyone gets right to work then they will automatically make money. This will remove their hunger and will bring both growth to themselves and the state without the loss of crucial government funds. 

2. Nationalist Approach - UPA Government has done one great job for sure - NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)

Under NREGA everyone has right to work. Currently it is implemented in many states of India with a 100 Day job guarantee for all. If government fails to provide them 100 day job in a year then it will pay them 100 day labour. People employed under such schemes usually work in development projects like Road construction, Water lake construction, and more. This keeps government busy in undertaking more and more projects so that it can employee the people and this makes people busy working. This makes a better India. Opens avenues for growth. 

Instead of giving money straight away to the unemployed's we should empower them by giving them job/work.

Recently Government passed Railway Budget. There was proposed price hike of 10 percent. This hike came after 9 long years. And Most people think this is justified because railways is already running in loss. How can a Loss making institute grow and provide better services? Indian railways need to get out of loss and make some profit and put the money in to the better development of Railways and services. To provide better services and safety and clean railways perhaps this is why prices were hiked. I think most Indians appreciated Price hike for first time ever but then again a socialist leader Mumta banerjee  (ex-Railway Minister) raised voice and condemned the budget specially for price hike and even threats to drop the government down. Remember Indian Railways is worlds cheapest railways. If socialist approach is taken and prices will never be hiked then expect to travel in same slow trains even in 2020 or 2030. Stop dreaming of Bullet and Hi tech trains. If a little higher fairs can bring developments it should be welcomed. If the proposed things are rightly implemented then we can have much better railways. Though we will have to pay more but we will reach the destination in less time. Remember Time is Money.

Also there should be an opportunity for everyone to succeed. If one is determined to start-up and become an entrepreneur government should ensure that it is not ruined by corrupts and other factors. Start up capitals can also be funded. Entrepreneurship should be promoted to the fullest. An entrepreneur not only empowers himself but others too. More the entrepreneurs nation has more developed it is.

Please Note this is my personal opinion not intended to support or condemn any government or individual.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reservation Policy of India makes me rethink, Is India a Secular Country ?

Hello all..!

Today I am going to give my personal opinion on Reservation Policy of India. (Please take some time to give your opinion on this issue, you will get the link to Facebook Questions at the end of the post.)

If you are an Indian, you must have read in class 7th in Social Studies, that India is a Secular Country.

And if you are not then too You must have heard of it.

In a Secular Country it is expected that every citizen gets equal rights.

Our country claims that it is a secular country but when I try to think the other way then sorry I don't think the same.

I am going to give you an example.

You are in class 12th (higher secondary education). You are too good in studies  and eager to become a doctor.

And you have a friend who is also a classmate of yours, who is an average or below average in studies. You both have many things in common.

You are best friends.

You both have your own owned house, you both are neighbors. You both have got equal respect and other things in life.

And when exam results comes you scored 92% marks, and your friend just 51% marks.

And You do not get admission in Medical college even at self financed college and your friend gets admission in Medical college that too at Government financed.

Thanks to the Reservation Policy of India, that did a great justice to your hardwork.

The only difference between you and your friend was that he belonged to a reserved caste like ST (Social Tribe).

Your dream is churned out and the one who didn't have thought to be a doctor just becomes a doctor because he got admission.

Is this a justice ? Will you still think the same ? Is India a Secular Country ??

Every day thousands of millions of dreams are churned away by this reservation system of our country.

Many undeserving candidates enjoy the benefits at the same time.

I always wonder what these doctors and engineers who are not that qualified will give to our society.

They might even take life's of people as they do not qualify to the dignity honored.

Think a student who somehow passes the exams becomes a civil engineer because he belongs to certain reserved caste, followed by he gets a job in government as construction engineer again because he belongs to certain caste.

He never studied hard because he was assured that he has pool of opportunities as he will get out as reserved candidate.

He has insufficient knowledge. And then he gets a job and then he works on major projects.

This Engineer will construct bridges, airports, grounds like Commonwealth games, Who knows he may also construct a Nuclear power station. I fear these are bound to have some problems or errors. This may kill masses.

I am not sure where this reservation policy will lead us. 

Ohhh the other side, what about the open caste students, job seekers ?

To be a good doctor, engineer from a reputed institute becomes too hard or just a dream. Getting a government job is next to impossible to them. Thanks to our Great Reservation Policy.

There are many many people who belong to open castes, who are very poor. Who do not get right education, right job. At the same time there are many many people from other castes, Who are rich, have everything in there life, they are no more socially out-casted. Still they eat up these poor open castes candidates seats. Though open caste candidate may have scored higher, though they are more talented, though they are comparatively poor and have faced more social concerns then these reserved castes. The reserved caste candidates get that seat which the other guy actually deserves.

After Independence the social status of reserved castes is increased, there is no more discriminations between people based on castes in most of states of India.

But still we have this Reservation policy, which indeed is creating discrimination.

So this is high time we need to revise this  Non-secular reservation policy.

Today's Reservation Policy secures above 50% of seats to the candidates from SC, ST, And other backward castes (OBC) which is even against the Mondal Commissions suggestion that Reservation should not be above 50%, And this reservation policy was framed by Mondal Commission only. Also the government itself is confused with the term, "OBC" (Other Backward Castes)

I am in an opinion that this caste based Reservation policy should be taken back to its fullest.

And there should be no reservation policy. 

This will give equal justice, rights to all the people.

Let there be a healthy competition, may the best win.

Let there be no reservation, Let there be no discriminations.

This will make India a truly SECULAR country.

And then Every Indian will be truly proud of being an INDIAN.

HELLO..! I am Asking a Question on Facebook "Questions".

Please provide your valuable opinion by CLICKING HERE.

Jai Hind.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.