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Friday, October 2, 2020

The best way to Pay your Credit Card Bills for Free - Cred way

Hi. What if I tell you that you can pay your credit card bills easily, conveniently, instantly and the best part get some cashback for paying your bills.

And hey! that cashback is instantly credited to your credit card.

I am not kidding dear. And cheers if you signup now using my link you stand a chance to get up to Rs. 1000 off on your first credit card bills. Get it here - CRED IPL Offer

Cred 1000 offer

I am jealous as when i had signed up i had got only 50 Rs. off but its your day. Go and signup now to get upto 1000 off. 

Download now and thank me later. Let me know in comments how much did you earned.

PS - the above link is valid for 48 hours only. I will try to update it though for you. Incase not feel free to email me for fresh link at

The offer is subject to availability from cred. All offer information, trademarks, logo's of cred, IPL used solely for reference purposes only.


Navneet Singh Chauhan