Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3rd September 2009: The Kiss of Nature

Hello Friends,

Its 03rd September, 08 Am, I opened my eyes to see the beautiful rain raining, and coming inside my room (Hostel, VNSGU, Surat) from windows and open balcony room, Sheet I have to open my eyes to prevent the rain coming in my room, I did it, touched my phones few SMS beeping in, but I did not bothered about it and then slowly slept again… Ahhhh..hhha…Ohhhh haaaa!!!!! I finally woke up and its 10:45 in my watch… I beeped out through window and found some noisy atmosphere out with vehicles and peoples shouting out loud I realized that today is Ganpati (Hindu God) Viserajan.

I checked my mobile and found some SMS's, some of mine friends had wished me Good Morning, I told to myself "whats so good about this morning…" After some brushing and all I finally made myself ready at 01 PM, ya quite late as it took me more than 1 hour at bath… I took my laptop with me with a plan to have some food at canteen and then to use WI-FI for internet at central library… I did the same and wasted my time playing the share Bazaar game on rediff at life stocks trading, It's really a nice trading the only difference u don't gain or loose in real life except time… then at 03 PM I walked back to hostel..

I was alone in my room as my room mates where at there home since last evening, and I was killing myself with boredom.. and I was neither able to study nor able to enjoy…

The time passed on and it became 05:45 when I finally decided to move out…

I thought to walk through the much busy road where people where going for and coming back after ganpati viserjan, the traffic was busiest even I had to stop for sometime because of conjestion, I was feeling I made a wrong way in coming here, with pollution all over, and the road came to an end as I reached the main gate of university. Now I decided to enjoy the rest of time with the nature.

It was nearly 06JPM. I walked through narmad bhavan then went straight behind university's main building to examination centre's back portion. Where I found few peococks, with lush green grass and big trees surrounding and with few rain drops the environment at that time was certainly un-depict able, I don't think any language could express the beauty of nature..

I walked through Mass communication centre to MCA, I suddenly herd large noises like that of shutting of windows and all I was wondering here and there what's this noise really is ( NOTE: I was travelling alone and there was nearly no person with in a 500 metres). After some efforts and look up I found up two beautiful peacocks where running on MCA parking's top and thus creating noise. There were lots of crows too, and a dog was looking up peacocks as if he is in greed of eating up them…

I stood there for some moment and then walked ahead, then I moved towards the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Management Department, this department is located at backside of university and surrounded by nature and is one of the most silent place of VNSGU.

I also had an idea that somewhere here a new lake is developed by VNSGU, I was moving ahead in the nature's beauty with my phone's music on "Jasn-e-Bahara" and to my astonishment I found the lake, it was so clear and clean water surrounded by big grass and trees.. I looked from nearly at a distance of 30 feet because there was no way moving ahead towards the lake... The scene is one of the most romantic place and for a moment I wondered why am alone here it would be so great if someone special had accompanied me,

Then I moved ahead, reached the building peeped in to the grills watched Mahatma Gandhi's statue and the inside's of the department, and I also saw some lovely flowers in the garden outside the building and took one of them up in my hands, it was yellow colored flower and was really beautiful worth to be given to a beautiful lady….

With the flower in my hand and music ON, and a bit dark growing I stood there just looking up in the sky, beautiful trees and the lake and some newly constructed buildings back outside the campus,

The Scene is nearly a rare gem of nature and perhaps the most beautiful part of VNSGU campus. I was not in a mood to go ahead and stood there for quite some time..

Then I moved ahead again near to MCA building I passed up then to Mass communications I saw a Peacock(Male) walking towards me and I towards him, this continued till we were nearly 10 feets away, I slowed down but still walking the peacock stood got aside of the road and I walked near to him and I was saying to him "Hello, kaise ho, and some noises used to call pets" and when I was nearly 2 feets away the peacock took a long flight and stood up on MCA building and it seemed he was still watching me..

It was now nearly 06:45 and somewhat dark I moved ahead to canteen side and then walked in to the M.Sc (chemistry building) where I also noticed beautiful botany section which was unnoticed by me till now from that angle… To my astonishment I found two small and cute puppies there I walked towards them and one of them started barking like anything and other stood there looking at me, the barking puppy ran away when I was very near to him. The other one still stood there sitting, I sat on my legs and kept my finger above his head and the puppy tried to get it, I teased it and also I noticed stagnant water there in a big area in the garden looking really beautiful I left the puppy there and I started waling towards chemistry building the puppy followed me for some steps and then stood there. I found a car standing aside of the department and the department was unlocked but with no lights ON, I moved back and this time I found three puppies there, the new one was also cute but he too feared me and ran away with tail in as I approached them, again the only brave one stood there and again I remained there, I showed puppy my phone, he too was enjoying the music, this time I could not stop myself and did patted the puppy on his head nearly 4-5 times, then finally I told him good-bye, as the sky had got real dark and I need to move on…

I passed again to the area's of Mass communications and MCA, took a turn towards the most beautiful part of VNSGU, but stopped myself as it was going to be dark soon and moved towards my hostel…

In this way I came back to my room and first I washed my hands and then now I am typing the whole experience here on my laptop on MS – Word.

Lastly I will like to thanks Microsoft's for facilitating publish blogs option in MS- Office 2007 from where I can directly publish my blog.

Thanks and regards.

Navneet Sing Chauhan- Always Khush.

03rd September, 2009. 08:22 PM.

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