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All about my Hometown – Mainpuri

Mainpuri is a town of historical importance, because the last king of mainpuri (Raja TEJ SINGH CHAUHAN) was one of the very first King to raise voice against Englishmen.
Mainpuri got its name from Chaman/Myan Rishi. The city has some very old & popular Hindu temples. Popular Temples include Sheetla Devi Temple, where every year during April Rural Exhibition-cum-Trade Fair is held for 20 days. Bhimsen Mandir is an ancient Shiv Temple, besides "Falahari Ashram" situated on Jyoti-Devi Road has very rare Statue of Goddess Durga with 18 Arms. Also located on Devi road are twim Shiv Temples of Kale Mahadev & Shweat Mahadev. Hanuman Temple situated at Old Tehsil Road is visited by thousands every Tuesdays and Saturdays.Since earlier Mainpuri has majority of Chauhans,yadav & lodhi.

It is the headquater of uttar pradesh chauhan. In Mainpuri there are five strong village of chauhan's. Odhenya, Padariya , nagla jula, jijayi, bichiya.the MLA of mainpuri Mr.Ashok singh chauhan.the Bheroo baba mandir is situated in this village.
Another village of Storngest "CHAUHAN" of Mainpuri Jila is "Dharm Angad Pur Nagria" on sirsaganj road because of 90 Percent of Army and Defence Personal.
Mainpuri and the surrounding places were part of the old kingdom of Kannauj (Kanauj). Chauhans also ruled from here and this was one of their important seats of power for many years. Later the town came under the control of the Mughals in the 16th century. Marathas wrested power in the 18th century but only to cede the territory to the British in 1801.


Mainpuri is a major trade center for agricultural products in the state. Cotton ginning, oilseed milling, and lamp and glass manufacture constitute the prominent industries. The town is also a renowned for its tobacco (Mohan Lal is one of the renowned Tobacco trader in Mainpuri) and wooden sculptures.Mainpuri is also house for godd Plywood Manufacturing. Other main business is retail stores for regular needs like garments ,accessories.

Place of Interest

Fort of Maharaja Tej Singh Chauhan is situated at old Mainpuri at Devi Road.The Raja's palace is not a spot of tourist interest. The fort has become private property and only its remains are there. Nobody, not even locals, can visit the palace.
The Raja’s palace, The Garhi, is the major point of tourist interest in the town.Modern place of attraction are 'Foolbagh'& 'Lohia Park'.'Foolbagh'is situated at Jail Chauraha .The 'Lohia Park 'is a park situated District Collectrate.Both of the park has green lawn & fountains.
Mainpuri is also known for Sarus Crane,Zoological name Grus antigone.The Sarus Crane is the only crane species that resides and breeds in India. It is the world's tallest flying bird. There are three subspecies of Sarus Crane known worldwide. This elegant bird called Krouncha in India, is revered as a symbol of marital fidelity and is celebrated in myth and legend.There are estimated to be 8,000-10,000 Sarus Cranes in India. Two third of its population resides in Karhal, Karhal is a part of Mainpuri district.


The Saras crane stands between CM Mulayam Singh Yadav and his dream of an international airport in his native village Saifai in Mainpuri district. Foreseeing the air-strip as a threat to the bird’s habitat, the SC has put the brakes on the project. Wildlife Institute of India estimates say there are just around 3,315 Saras cranes all over India, of which about 2,922 are in UP. Court intervention has pushed Mulayam into roping in national and international experts and constituting a Saras Protection Society. Mulayam has also sanctioned a corpus fund of Rs 10 crore for the independent body.

Health Care

District hospital is also named As Maharaja Tej Singh Jila Chikitsalya.Maharaja Tej Singh Jila Chikitsalya has a cancer hospital in its coumpound which is developed by state Sovernment with the help of World Bank.


Mainpuri is well connected with other parts of the state by road and railway broad gauge in Mainpuri so you can also visit Mainpuri by trains. As the only train is Kalindri express , which connects it to delhi.The city is also linked by railways to Farrukhabad and Kanpur. Some major cities within 300 kilometre range from Mainpuri include Agra, Firozabad, Shikohabad,EtawahKanpur, Lucknow, Aligarh,Kannauj etc.
New Trains Lines from Mainpuri to Etawah is under construction and about to start in Mid of 2010 after 2010-11 Rail Budget.Once Mainpuri is connected to Etawah, about 56 km away, a new world of opportunities and development would open up.

Schools and colleges

Though it is a district but, in addition to a large number of intermediate colleges like
  1. Government Inter College,Agra Road
  2. Government Girls Inter College,Devi Road
  3. Sanatan Dharam Inter College,Hasanpur
  4. Ekarshnand Inter College,Punjabi Colony
  5. D.A.V.Inter College,Deopura
  6. Criastian Inter College,Court Road
Below are the English medium schools up to 8th standard.
  1. S.B.R.L. Academy,Agra RoaD
  2. St.Thomas ,jail Chauraha
  3. St. Mary's,Ashram Road
  4. C.R.B ,Punjabi Colony
  5. Chandershaker Azad inter college, Kaharl Road.
There are 15 degree colleges in Mainpuri ,namely:
  1. Shri Chitra Gupta Post Graduate College.
  2. Ramchandra Kanya Mahavidalya (R.C.Degree College)
  3. Adarsh Krishna College of Education
  4. Babu Ram Yadav Degree College
  5. CH. Devi Singh Degree College
  6. CH. Nathu Singh Yadav Mahavidalaya
  7. CH. Suraj Sigh Mahavidalaya
  8. Gopiram Mahavidalaya
  9. Kapil Muni Degree College
  10. M.S. Chauhan Mahavidalaya
  11. Malkhan Mahavidalaya
  12. Ramdayal Ramchandra Mahavidalaya
  13. SH. GangaSahai Kanaya Mahavidalaya
  14. SH. Kishani Mahavidalaya
  15. Shantidevi Mahavidalaya
These colleges offer a plethora of courses in Science, Arts and Agriculture streams. Students can enroll for any stream for their graduation or post graduation and all the colleges are affiliated to Agra University.

Technical Education

Mainpuri is also known for its contribution in technical education.Government Polytechnic Mainpuri provide Diploma in Instrumentation & Control Engineering and Advance Microprocessor & Interface and Electronics.It is situated at Agra Road ,near Mandi Samiti.Students from all nearby towns as well as those from other districts come to study here.
Mainpuri also has aa I.T.I. which offers basic technical education in motor binding,electrical fitting etc.Main Computers Centers are CHANAKYA-ACL & Global Computers.


Mainpuri is located at 27.23°N 79.02°E. It has an average elevation of 153 metres (501 ft).


As of 2001 India census, Mainpuri had a population of 89,535. Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Mainpuri has an average literacy rate of 69%, higher than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 74%, and female literacy is 64%. In Mainpuri, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age.People speek kannauji in day to day communictaion.
Some very popular markets include Laneganj, Devi Road, Old Tehsil Road, Agra Road etc. known for Agro Commodities, Handicrafts etc.Mainpuri today has population of over 1 Lakh in City and over 15 Lakhs as District.


  1. Dear Navneet,

    I am from Bangalore and a chouhan Rajput. We have migrated to south about 200 to 250 years back from Mainpuri. Our people prefix Mainpuri before their name. I am a retired central govt. employee and I have come in search of my native place. Now I am in varnasi and I am coming to Mainpuri on 30th. Oct. Will you please help me to find out my native place. Our people who have migrated from Mainpuri call their gotras as Bachi gotra, Bada Gotra, Badrawal gotra( may be Bhadorias od Badawar.) Meharwal Gotra, geharwar, kashyap, dakra, jahanwar I am planning to stay for 1 week. Please suggest good place for my stay and let me know whom to contact to get more information about people who migrated to south may be along with British army. Hope you will help me in finding my native place. My email ID mobile No.09916164512

    Jai Loke Singh

    1. I'm from Jaipur but belongs to jhijhai mainpuri. I Luv mainpuri because it's my home town