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MBA as Career ?

Hello Everyone,

Looking for MBA as a career ? Then you must read this post, its dedicated to you…
Think over MBA as a career not because its in fashion or its a trend in market, think how it can add value to your career objectives, how MBA can enhance your working skills, and can help in reaching where you want to be…

Think again What i did by now, what i want to be? what kind of job in future i will like to have, which course will help me take there?

Consider all alternatives available to you, Like pursuing master’s in the same trade in which you did Bachelors (e.g ME after BE, after B.Com, M.Sc after B.Sc etc), and the kind of job which you will be getting after selecting your interested trade, and will you love that job, or is it the kind of career you are looking out..
In simple words, do what you wish to do, not what society expects from you, consider MBA as a value addition to your career objective, not as a trendy tag.
Specially engineers or science trade students get real confused in this stuff, masters in their field, job or MBA.
I will suggest if you are in  love with your trade, and want to remain sticked to the core’s of your engineering/science then MBA may not be your career objective, its ME or as applicable, and yes there are many Technical MBA degrees available in market like production, project management, that will add value to your engineering, but your job profile will definitely change in either case, if you are open up to the world, like meeting people, good in planning’s then MBA may be your way, as MBA gives more external world exposure. But if you wish to remain in R&D do something intrinsic, and to manage inner side’s of an organization then ME may be a better option.
If your answer is to be an MBA, the next is where and how ?
Before going in to MBA, please make it sure, which trade you will like to choose like
Marketing, Finance, HR, Production and so on, and take admissions accordingly.
Look out the college’s which provide specialization of your interested trade.
Make a list of available college’s and make sure they provide what you need, and how it adds value to your career.
The list should be prepared on historical data’s like how it provide placements to the previous batches of students, its infrastructure, its faculties, its market value and all.. You can also meet some students of that college if possible to take their opinion. or some pass outs.
This is an important step in your big career plan, do give some time to it.
Finalize some college’s may be IIM’s or other national levels, state levels.
Understand the process of getting in, in your selected list of College’s.
The usual process is Entrance Test ----> GD----> and PI.
Analyze the skills you have now, and the skills you need to be there, and try to fill up the gaps, if any.
Do get prepared for tough competitions, start preparing yourself and give whole hearted attempt. Do the things which may lead you there, you may join the institute’s which provide coaching, and assistance to be there like PT, Career Launcher, IMS etc.
These institutes can enhance your skills and knowledge, and provides proper motivations. But if you are well directed and strong willed person, you can do all yours. Its not that the one who take coaching’s succeed, it depends on the person. If this would not be the case, guess everyone would be in IIM’s or so.
Be prepared, and try your best. If you failed don’t fall that easily give other attempts and you may consider the list of college’s not yet considered.
This is a usual case, many people give try to IIM’s and after some failure’s join State level or other college’s where they can make it easily. Few never consider IIM’s as they know there capacities and never think of enhancing them, and join the one’s which matches them or can be matched easily.
My suggestion is give try to 4-6 college’s or more and take the decision on time factor analysis like would it be worth sitting home for one more year for other attempt or how much deviation will be there in my career path if i choose the available alternatives.
E.g Joining IIM will give you a big start but going there usually take two years of preparations (in normal cases), and joining state level college’s can may help you getting in without any breaks if you have prepared well with your bachelor’s.
The gap analysis means, in second option you have to work for low positions in organizations compared to the people of IIM’s and hence a low start up and it will take time to be there in your professional life to reach there, but if you have skills you can reach to the top after some time.
This is the way i took decision to be an MBA, i know that i will take a minimum two attempts to clear CAT to reach inside IIM campus. which means two years of preparations or so, so i thought of going in state level institute which is also promising a good start up. And i guess i will cover up to the same post which i would have gotten after MBA from there in next two years or so, and my experience will add value to this.
This is just an example of a boy who gave up IIM as many others because of lack of skills at that time, but if you have the right edge then please do not give up.
Go on with your preparations, give adequate attempts in all the short listed college’s. and choose the one which you like to be in.
Best of Luck for Your Career,
May you achieve, what you wish.
Thanks and Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.
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