Saturday, June 12, 2010

MBA at DBIM (Department of Business and Industrial Management), Surat. What to watch out?

Hello Readers,

I am writing this in-order to give directions to the upcoming students who are interested in making their career at Department of Business and Industrial Management, DBIM, VNSGU, Surat. know also known as G H Bhakta Managment Academy.

I have completed my MBA with Specialization in Marketing from DBIM in year 2010.

The admission process is followed under Gujarat Technical University GCET (Gujarat common entrance test).

As such college is good and you can make a bright career here, and students previously has done well..

Well said, DBIM is one of the very first college of Gujarat after IIM- A. Its old legacy has favored the college till today, it has got a good alumni but not well maintained and coordinated which is surely a barrier.

Let me be frank of raising these points.

When not to join DBIM?

If you are interested in making your career in Production, operation, HR or other courses except Marketing and finance then DBIM is definitely not your destination.

The department promises and have also placed in its GCET booklet about providing 8 courses like marketing, finance, HR, operations, IT, Production and so on.
But these are only promises the ground reality is it offers only Marketing and finance. Many students come under myth of this and join dbim and ruin their career by either opting marketing or finance.
My sincere request is not to join dbim if you are interested in any field other than marketing and finance.

When you may join DBIM?

The department offers two courses Marketing and Finance.
The teaching staff is good, and experienced in marketing department, finance faculties are comparatively less experienced.
Course of subject and scope is good and is what practiced in all college’s of south gujarat university. But lags according to the industrial needs.
If you are interested in making career in marketing and finance you may join.
Regarding placements they are not that bad.
But all marketing students get job profile of sales only, no one gets in to advertising, publicity and other marketing trades because of lack of these players near by and may be some other reasons.
For Finance people they also get the sales job, just one or two get the real finance job, all else sell financial products like securities and all. yes few get bank jobs too but job profile is usually opening credit, debit account and other sales job of a bank.
From barriers also exists from students side, many students do not take interest in organising events and other MBA stuffs so department fails in these activites. Students who join are not that much interactive and many lags the right skills required, mostly local students join and so there is not much cultural exchange as it could be in a college where people from different state and nation joins.
So many negatives, let me talk positive.

1. The culture and environment is good.
2. Staff as such is good.
3. From this year the department is shifting to new building so infrastructure is also good.
4. The city is good and progressive.
5. People here are good.
6. You can get easy accommodation facilities.
7. Cost of living in city is also not that high.
8. The university area is one of the fastest growing area of Surat city.

For any queries or information be free to comment to this post, or click on Contact Me at top left.  I will get back  to you for sure.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. hii, i m from surat & this year 2010 i got 591 rank in G CET .. in 1st round i preferred L.J. institute of mgt. I want to do MBA in finance. so should i change my choice from L.J. to DBIM ???


  2. Hello Hardik.

    Regarding LJ am not that sure. I think both are at near same level. You may get government finance seat at DBIM, in that case you can choose DBIM.

    If you had asked for MBA Marketing i would have probably guided you to DBIM; as DBIM has rich experienced faculty in Marketing department.

    LJ institute i have never visited personally and i have no contacts there in personal so i could not guide you in this regard up to certain extent.

    I recommend you to seek more information from others, who can guide you. If possible reach some LJ institute college students and faculties, and visit the college personally before taking decision. Check out their placements. Rests i have made clear.

    If you still need inputs you can post more comments will love to guide you.

    Thanks for your comment.
    And do keep visiting my blog.

    Best Regards,
    Navneet Singh Chauhan.

  3. hello sir .i want to do mba hr.can u guide me which college is best.i m from other state so its possible to get admission in surat for mba .gcet exam is tough or any body pass it.

  4. Hi Tina.
    Thanks for writing.

    You are from another state, I am afraid you are not eligible for GCET Entrance test.
    Please go through

    For more information on GCET MBA visit

    If you are not eligible for GCET MBA, you may try for MCET (Maharashtra Common Entrance Test).
    There are reserved seats for MBA for outside state people.
    Also give a try for CAT, MATT, XAT etc.

    Also please read my another blog post
    MBA as Career at


  5. Getting admission in MBA without GCET is not possible. So no possibilities in Surat or in other parts of Gujarat. There may be few college's which may give but i fear, they would not be UGC approved.
    Regarding GCET Entrance its not that hard. A bit of preparation can make you through. All you need is dedication towards your goal.

    My Best wishes for your career.
    Navneet Singh Chauhan.

  6. I have done MBBS and want to do MBA. Is DBIM good for me.

  7. Hi Manav.
    Thanks for writing.

    As i have already mentioned DBIM will offer you MBA in Marketing and Finance specializations only.

    So if you are looking for MBA in these streams you may opt.

    But i fear regarding placements, because probably you will be the only MBBS student.
    So there are few chances that you will be get placed by DBIM placement Board.

    You can join if you are looking for just knowledge, and if placements is not an issue for you and also if you are unable to get in some other big institutes.

    Navneet Singh Chauhan

  8. i have done be electrical,i got admision in mba at dbim,sir any chances of my placement,plz sir info need,some focus on study

  9. Hello MD.

    Congrats for getting into DBIM.

    Regarding placements I have already detailed about it that Mostly sales jobs comes to DBIM.



  11. Dear Ajit. As per your job description my personal opinion is you should do MBA from distance or evening continuing the job with BSNL. DBIM Evening Program is what i will recommend for you. An MBA Degree will give you good promotion in BSNL. Go for full time MBA only when you score good to get in good colleges. Try CAT. Wishing you all the best. Thanks
    - Navneet

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  14. hello mr. navneet
    i am BE(AUTOMOBILE) graduate,
    and i want to do mba,
    but i want to know the placement of dbim is batter of s.r.luthara?

    1. Hello Sameer. Its being a very long time i am not connected to any of the colleges. If you are looking for Marketing / Finance then you may consider any college as per your choice. Incase you are considering production or any other branch then Please check if both colleges are offering the same. Go and meet the current students studying over there. Don't believe in prospectus. Best of luck. thanks

  15. Helll sir , i have completed mechanical . I am planning to do mba in sales and marketing from dbim surat. What will be my chnce to get placed in any company from campus ? And will my engineering degree will give me exposure after doing mba ( regarding job )? How company see the student of sfi and gia ?

    1. Tell me about scope of mba production and operation from dbim. They have only one student in this branch in current year. And they have 5 student in part time mba programme (evening mba ) in this branch. I met placement officer of dbim and talked to them on this situation. He told me that if u r working employee than this course can give u best exposure. As a fresher u will feel trouble getting job. In other side i talked to so many working employee of company too and they told me that this branch has a very good future and u will easily get job as a fresher too. Can u tell me what should to do now ?

    2. And companies do not differentiate GIA and SFI students. They just check talent. :-)

    3. Hello Utsav. Sorry for responding lately as i have been occupied with business ( and holi festivals.

      Placement was an issue till i was there and it might be still. Its been very long 5-6 years since have passed out and i am not in touch with the department. I suggest you to visit it once and meet the current students and ask how many got placed. An MBA degree after Engineering helps in two ways. If you stick to the engineering related job it gives you good promotion at management level. And if you get in to the marketing field relevant to your degree your technical expertness helps in the same. but in case you change your field to like banking it will not help. It all depends how you want to take your carrier ahead. DBIM was not offering Products even though it had got that covered in prospectus with a strange term at least 35-40% student opting for it which is usually not possible. Not sure if it does today as its been 5-6 years i have been there.

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  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

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