Thursday, April 22, 2021

How to save money on online shopping and which is India's highest paying best cashback website?

Do you want to save extra on your online shopping orders apart from what you save on the best online coupon codes and vouchers?

Today, I will share a secret with you that is helping me save extra on all my online shopping orders. I will also share few mistakes to avoid while using this money-saving cashback website.

No, it's not about coupon and voucher codes that you find online. Well! that's an outdated hack to get maximum cashback.

I recently, ordered on MamaEarth and saved 40% while when I directly visited the website the discount was only 15%?

So how did I got that extra massive discount on my order?

Well! I visited India's No.1 cashback and highest paying cashback website first and then ordered on MamaEarth. This simple exercise saved a lot of money for me on my online shopping.

Here are my order and saving details on MamaEarth. Total Savings 40% Plus

As you can see above I got 24% instant discounts (20% using a special coupon from the cashback website + 5% discount for online payments). 

+ BONUS cashback on the best cashback website and here's the proof of it. 

It is slightly over 15% over the total order amount. Making the total discount on the order 40%.

Now, I will get this amount on the cashback website by 30th June 2021 as shown above. Usually, they credit the amount in 20 to 30 days before the stipulated date so I am expecting it anytime after 1st June 2021.

Now the question is how to use this money? Simple when your total cashback reaches above 250 you can encash it or get an online shopping voucher for Amazon, Flipkart and other shopping websites.

Does this website actually pay?

Well, yes. I have withdrawn twice. Below is the latest withdrawal screenshot.

Well, can you trust this website?

Yes, you can definitely and I am recommending them only after using it extensively for over 5 years. 

Below is the withdrawal screenshot from 2016.

So here it is, India's No.1 highest paying cashback website - GoPaisa.

And wait wait wait wait.... before you go over there and directly signup. 

Use my referral link to get 50 Rs. extra for signing up The amount usually gets credited only after the first successful order that is being tracked.  

After registering from the above link you can also download their android and IOS app for saving money on orders from the phone but they do ask for phone additional access. So if you are concerned about it then use the website to order.

Wait, did you find negative reviews from the website users saying they did not receive their cashback on their order?

Well, the GoPaisa website clearly says that you will not get cashback on the products that are already added to your shopping cart and most users do this mistake that they build their cart first and then use the GoPaisa to open the website and proceed with the orders.

So how to deal with it?

The trick is simply to finalize the products in your shopping cart on a mobile app or web. Note down details or take a screenshot. When you are ready to go then remove all the products from your shopping cart. Open the gopaisa website in incognito mode and from there go to shopping website. Add products to your cart by searching for them using the product name, SKU code etc. add them to the cart and checkout.

One more final mistake to avoid. I missed cashback last time as I did this mistake so please note.

So what I did is before removing products from the cart I had shared them on WhatsApp to get the links. Visited the GoPaisa app and from there opened the Amazon app. Then I visited my WhatsApp and clicked on those links and added products to the cart. So amazon changed the referral for this order from GoPaisa to WhatsApp and I did not get cashback. You can examine the WhatsApp links from amazon you get they track them and mark them as WhatsApp referrals so the credit of referral changes and you don't get GoPaisa cashback benefits.

On which online shopping websites I can save money and how much?

Well, you can save on many websites including Amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Bigbazaar, Myntra and educational portals like Udemy. Details of the same with cashback details on gopaisa are below.

And many more other portals like I mentioned above MamaEarth. You save pretty well on all types of online shopping websites like Fashion & Apparels, Electronics, pharmaceuticals, groceries, cosmetics, smartphones etc.

Still here? Arreh jao bhai paisa bachao - GoPaisa par jao aur paisa bachao. Aur yeh baat sabko batao. Sabko yeh post bhejo ya yeh link bhejo - paisa bachane ke liye. Dosto aur parivar walo ke paise bachao.

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Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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