Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Oxygen Scarcity | The Worth of a Healthy Tree Will Shock You

The Oxygen crisis in India due to Covid-19 complications has jolted most of us.

Unfortunately, many life's are already lost due to lack of oxygen and with every passing day we are losing more life's and the situation is growing more gruesome every day.

The precious life, nature's gift - oxygen and the tree is an invaluable asset but we are taking this valuation just to realize everyone the true worth of a tree. With every breath, we should feel indebted trees.

The worth of a healthy tree based on oxygen cylinder prices
The worth of a healthy tree based on oxygen cylinder prices

We have evaluated the worth of a tree based on the oxygen it produces neglecting every other valuable benefit like food and shelter (homes for many birds and animals apart from human homes being built from woods). 

So how much is a tree worth? How do you measure the worth of a tree?

Since we are calculating the worth of a tree based on the oxygen it produces. We will consider an average tree here. Some trees like Peepal, bargad (banyan tree), Neem, Ashoka plants produce more oxygen and they can be valued even higher.

oxygen price in india
Image Credits - TOI -

To get current oxygen prices we researched on the web and found the above image from one of the TOI articles. The image above clearly says, Starting price for a 2-hour supply of oxygen i.e of a 2.7 kg portable oxygen cylinder is 5000 Rs.

Now, an average tree can sustain two human life's i.e one tree can produce oxygen worth 48 hours of human requirements in a single day.

So, Price of 2 hours of Oxygen - 5000 Rs.
Price of 1 hour of Oxygen - 2500 Rs.
Price of 48 hours of Oxygen - 1,20,000 Rs. (2500 x 48)

Hence a tree produces oxygen worth 1.2 Lakhs every day.

And in a year it will produce oxygen worth 4.38 crores INR.

So the worth of a tree is 4.38 Crore INR annually. 

If a tree lives for 100 years it would produce oxygen worth 438 Crores.

Note that, oxygen in oxygen cylinders is filled using high-pressure filters or through distillation process i.e Oxygen is not produced here but is simply drawn from the environment whereas trees do produce oxygen. So the oxygen produced by the trees is the ultimate oxygen we have.

No oxygen plant can ever replace trees that actually produce Oxygen. Oxygen plants can simply filter and compress the oxygen in bulk for medical purposes. If there will be no trees then sooner or later we will not be able to produce oxygen commercially as well.

We cannot live life without trees. It's high time we start investing in trees. Your 100 Rs. investment in a tree plant will start producing oxygen worth 4.38 crores within few years of the plantation and it will produce oxygen worth billions throughout its life keeping everyone nearby and the planet healthy.

So let's pledge to plant at least 2 trees in our life to keep our family, society, nation and the earth healthy.

I hope this blog post will make an impact. If you think it does help please don't hesitate to share it with your loved ones.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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