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Save Lions - The Love story of a lion

Here’s a small story, which I have just written. I hope you will love it.

I have also made a trailer of the story you may check out below..

And Here it goes………….!

I was standing by the side of a river, and was just refreshing myself.  Behind me was the wild grass may be 6 feet tall and ahead a wild river.
I heard some noise and I could see some movements in the tall grass; someone running?

Soon I could see her, she is my love. I could do anything for her. She is my world.
She came near me and started kissing me on my neck and made me proud. She loves me a lot I knew. And I loved her a lot too. We have been together from years; and may be from birth’s who knows.

Again I heard some movements and here came my lovely chicks. Oh my kids, you make me proud. I just moved towards them and hugged both of them. The elder I called him Shera and the younger was my “Kiddu”.

My kids are quite playful. Soon they started playing in river water. Kiddu was running by the river side and moved a bit ahead. I just called him to come back.

All of a sudden I saw a crocodile, moving towards him.
In a moment he took my kiddu in his mouth and started moving in. My world was held. I just ran inside the river and attacked over the crocodile.

With my powerful attack on Crocodile’s head, he left my kid aside and attacked on me for self defense.
For a moment I thanked god for this. And suddenly I found a strong attack by crocodile on my back legs.
This made me wild. I roared in air and attacked heavily on crocodile. My wife took kiddu away and we were fighting.

I had held crocodile’s neck strongly in my mouth, I could see him bleeding and he was constantly attacking on my back legs.

I just kept attacking on his neck and tried to safe myself from his attacks.
My wife soon joined and we killed the crocodile.

We ran back and saw over kiddu was completely safe. Thank god crocodile has just kept him in his mouth and no major worries.
Soon I realized I have problem in my legs. It was difficult for me to walk.
We slowly drew back to our area deep inside jungle, where we lived inside a den.
I was worrying I would not be able to feed my cubs. My wife was promising though.
Few days went away and I was recovering strongly. My wife feed us with her wild hunts.
Few more days and I was completely OK.

One beautiful morning we went out of den together, for some fun.

As we moved we saw a group of Zebra. I asked my wife, which one you like for the dinner.

She said, don’t be aggressive honey, and have some patients and rest. I will hunt for you.
My elder kid said, Papa let me have one today. I said ok. 
Choose the smaller one, don’t go near bigger.
My wife said, “Hey…! He is still learning. Zebra’s are quite big are you gone mad.
I said trust me nothing will happen. My Shera is strong. I told him; see that smaller one, attack on him.
I moved to my wife, tell darling which one you will love to have.

She finally told, ok. That taller, younger, seems quite healthy too. Can you have this one for me honey…!
I said off course darling, anything for you. Let me go; and do have a look on Shera, it’s his first hunt.
And take care of kiddu too.

We walked slowly in grass and moved near the zebra group, my target was leading the group as it seems to be. And Shera was also enthusiastic about his first hand, and my wife was there to help him in case he needed.

I jumped all of a sudden out of grass, and the zebra group started running. I started running towards the leader whom my wife asked for, also just had a look and my Shera was also behind his target.

Zebra kept running and I too gained my full momentum, I realized I am nearly ok with my legs, soon I reached very near to him, and I attacked on his neck. Soon zebra lost his nerves and was unable to escape and I killed him silently.

My wife gave a wild roar; I had a look and discovered my Shera had got his first hunt. I was on heaven and was so happy for him. My wife was delighted over both of us. She was on 7th world.

We had a great party that night, and later wild love fantasies..
That day morning came quite late for us; we had quite a good sleep. When we came out of den, it was late morning near to afternoon.

Probably we were the happiest family in the whole jungle and may be in the world; and yesterday was a memorial, my Shera got his first hunt, and I too did it after a month. And I recovered completely from my injury and the unsaid love between us. All this made our world. Small kiddu was also discovering himself as each day he grew. My Shera use to take care of him personally. And now he was much excited to teach him the hunt.

We had some peaceful days, moving in the jungle.

Then came the evening. A peaceful and swift evening. Everything was normal. Till we heard some human movements inside jungle. I told my wife, these idiots are back or what? You know last time they came and killed our neighbor tiger family. I wish to kill them all, but the hell these people have something in their hands, which they fire and kills us. I just roared in anger to make them go back. But they came near us. Soon I realized that’s not save for our life and, I told my wife and kids lets go back in den.

We were running back to our den, suddenly a fire came. Oh my god. That was on my wife’s neck. She started bleeding, I supported her and we ran towards den, few miles and she felt away.  My world was held, god save my love. Oh what had happened, I asked, she was nearly mum, I kissed her. She said go, save your life, I can’t come. I told my kids to run and told Shera to take care of kiddu. And I stayed there with her.

She said, “I Love You”, we literally cried. I could not see her going, my world my life was all of a sudden shaken. It was a tremendous blow for me. She told Shera is grown up now, and Kiddu is still small, take care of him. I said we will don’t worry. She smiled and told me to give a hug and say good bye to her with a smile. I hugged her but later was difficult, Tears came out like rain, I gived her a hard smile, and told don’t worry we will be together soon In our next birth. She said, “I will love to be yours in every birth, thanks for your love, followed by “I LOVE YOU” and she died.

I just can’t believe my world is over, I moved her, she didn’t; soon I realized she is no more. She has left us. I tried to drag her to our den, so that these humans don’t take her away. But I found them appearing very near, one of them fired too. I just escaped I remembered my wife’s promise, else I would have killed that human at any cost for killing my wife, his image was caught in my mind. But I have to take care of my Kiddu and fulfill all promises. I can’t die now. I ran in to my den and escaped from there.

I was wondering what these people would have done with my wife’s body. Why they killed us. Is it just for fun? Why they are behind our small world? Did we ever harm them? Why for no reason that bloody killed my wife? All these questions puzzled me. And because of my aggressive attitude and deep love for her days become hard to live.

My Shera realized her mom is no more, but kiddu was still wondering were her mom has been. Sometimes he just asked kidishly, when she will be back. With heavy hearts we told very soon. But I knew she will be never back.

Our small world was ruined, day’s night passed like years. Every night I cried and moaned in loneliness. I use to watch the moon, and sky.  Just passed through jungle, sometimes moaned near that river where I found her first time, and where we loved each other. Truly speaking I sometime realized that she is moving beside me; but ahh she is no more. Sometime I felt her very near to my heart beat. Sometime I could see her in water and on moon.

My world was shattered; it was only tears and tears. Her memories made it hard to live but I have to life for my kiddu, fulfill all the promises.

I have also made mind to kill the one that shooted on my wife if I could see him again.
Soon Kiddu was growing and we try to live happy though we can’t really. Kiddu did his first hunt, that of a small dear.  Shera was delighted over it, and I felt some relief as I had fulfill a bit of my duty. I wondered, how much happy her mother would be..! Tears all I had in my life after the day she left me. Sometime I wondered even Kiddu and Shera realize my fake smiles and pretended happiness. But life without her was really a big burden for me.

Soon Shera grown up; and Kiddu quite younger to live himself. I have seen Shera one day with a lioness, and   asked him, and discovered he got his soul mate. I was happy for them.

One quite evening I heard a fire. I thought those idiots are back. I ran out of den, Shera stopped me, I said let me go and kill them, and If I do not come back then take care of Kiddu. Gave a hug to Shera and Kiddu and also our new family member Shera’s wife. I told Shera to take care of her and Kiddu. He promised me the same.

I ran in the direction of fire, soon I could see the faces, they were three. And the one who killed my darling was damn there. I thought today I may die or whatever I won’t let these people go.
I also discovered these people had just killed a Tiger couple. I was so angry over them.
Two of them were near their vehicle and one, few steps ahead. I followed them and reached very near to them.

And with a heavy air, and with remembrance of my wife’s love and how she died, I just attacked the one who killed my wife first.

As I jumped over him, I was hit by a fire on my stomach, but in a moments I toured his neck and he was dead.

Next I attacked the second, and fire after fire were shooted over me, somehow I reached him and killed the second bastard too..!

I could not kill the third as he ran away and was still firing at me. I was bleeding all over my body.
I lied down and was happy to take the revenge. I could see my love’s face and remembered all the happy moments we had and was happy as I was going to meet her soon in heaven and in next births to come, remembering her I died in peace.

MORAL of the story: Everyone has its own small world of happiness may be human or an animal. We should not disturb other’s life for our own little happiness. Love animals.  Save Lions, Save Tigers, Save Environment. Save mother Earth.

I hope this story will leave an impact on you.

Please feel free to comment and share this post with your loved ones.

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Thanks and Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.
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  4. Anonymous24 May, 2011

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  6. Thanks Rutujakomle. Glad to know that you liked the story. :)

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