Sunday, December 19, 2010

Akshaya Patra- Assuring food for every school going kid.


I am feeling so good for this..! I have just sponsored food for 50 School going students through Akshaya Patra.

There can't be a better feeling in the world then this, when you donate something for a cause as big as this one.

You feel so good when your hard earned money goes for a noble cause, that too which assures prosperity and growth of someone else.

When your money can feed a kid who just would perhaps have not gone to school if someone like you have not sponsored for his food.

Yes, until one's stomach is not feed one can't imagine of education, and when food is assured, you can have a dream to be educated.

This is a story of millions of people in India, who could not get ample food and hence they are restrained from education.

Akshaya Patra is a small step towards the prosperity of millions of poor people.

The only way of coming out of vicious circle of poverty is education.

You will perhaps consider education as a basic need of human being but certain unfortunates can't have education just because they could not feed their stomaches.

Many people loose education because of extreme cases of poverty, many are dropped out from schools for this every year.

Many leave schools, because their family could not sustain their education cost.

Many have to leave school just because they have to feed their family somehow.

Though in India, education is Free in government sponsored schools, many are dropped out or could not even reach school because of education related other expenses like Food, Uniform cost, books cost etc.

But there are many ray of hopes who are living for this social cause.

Few of them are as listed below

1. Akshaya Patra - It sponsors food for school going students.

2. Give India - It tries to collect donation for almost every cause.

3. Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan - for achievement of Universalization of Elementary Education (UEE).

4.  Nanhi Kali -  Issues concerning the Girl Child.

5. Project Crayons -underprivileged and physically challenged orphan children

6. Nischay Girls School Education of under privileged girls

7. SARD - Society For All Round Development - Empowerment of minorities

8 Deepalaya  Education for children and economically deprived.

9. Anjani Foundation -  Causes of the needy, Poverty and Hunger Issues.

10. The Akanksha Foundation - Less privileged children.

These are few of the many NGO's of India, working for noble cause, I have listed few big names only, which have their own running websites so that one can go through each of them for more information and donations.

Let me talk about Akshaya Patra today.

Hey..! This Video tells most of About Akshaya Patra Story, I insist you to watch.

Akshaya Patra is now more then 10 years older organization.

It has now its presence in over 8 states of India.

And it assures food for nearly 1,253,266 everyday and numbers increasing day by day.

As people like you and me donate for such a noble cause.

I insist you to Donate whatever you can for this social Cause, You may Donate Your Valuable money for such a big cause by clicking here.

You money will go for noble cause of development of Humanity.

I insist everyone to donate for humanity for any of the social responsible organizations they find apt or i have listed.

You will have a better feeling after donations, as you could see the smile on some others face.

With these word i like to end up..!

"A Rain is not called rain, unless it rains equally on every head,
 A Smile is not a smile, if it is not equally distributed on everyone's face"

Thank You...!

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. Very nice! Thanks for the info abt other charity organizations also.

  2. Glad to see so many bloggers joining hands to feed the future souls of India! The one line motive “No child in India shall be deprived of education because of hunger.” says it all how humble their service is

  3. @Mohini: Welcome and thanks for reading..!

  4. @Mohan: My pleasure sir..! Yes no child in India will be deprived of education for sure..!

  5. @Anjana: Thanks a lot..! This great work is possible only because of strong support from you and people like you..! And Thanks for the follow.

  6. Hi Navneet thanks for the blog. I want to add on to this that I have personally seen vehicles from Akshaya Patra serving food to some government schools running in remote locations where kids of poor hardly manage to go. Even I would be donating and glad to see that some one took an initiative to spread the awareness of donating to the needy

  7. Thanks Manjunath for your additional inputs..!
    Together we can change..!
    Let the spirits remain up..!

  8. Connect MediaGuru04 May, 2012

    Thanks for the valuable contribution. In Jaipur, There are various cbse school in Jaipur which  gives their valuable time to this type of events.