Monday, October 24, 2011

Poem - The Unborn Love - A Beautiful Romantic Affair

Hello Everyone.

Today I am sharing one of my best poem "The Unborn Love" with you. A poem which was written by me during my graduation somewhere in 2006. I have already presented this poem during an English Literature contest in my college held in the same year. Though I didn't win it but the poem became quite popular in the college and I was requested to narrate the same in almost all lectures by my Faculties. Hope you will love the work.

"The Unborn Love"

The lady whom I've never seen
The lady to whom I've never talked
The lady about whom I know nothing
Has made a place in the soft corner of my heart.

It always pines for her though I never saw her
My heart echoed for her though it never listened of her,
It always beats for her although I am unaware of her.

I am in love with such a sweet lady whom I've never seen nor dreamed.
I am in love with such a sweet lady whom I never talked nor whispered
I am unaware of the fact how she entered in my life but it’s true.

The unborn love of mine will never die,
It is growing under the tender sheds of yours unseen presence.
It pines for you to see you and sparks off to listen you.

Only god knows the day when we will meet
He will decide our fate
But I have no patience's to wait.

The unborn love of mine seems to vanish me
The love to you will either boost or perish me
The loneliness of my life make me more to fell in the well of yours love.

It has no other way other than you
It just pines for you
Though I've never seen or dreamed of you.

It is the love which never perishes
And the love which I have towards you will never end
Though one day my life will have end
But my love to you being unborn will never die.

- Navneet Singh Chauhan.

This is an Original Work, Please don't copy but Feel Free to Share with your Friends.

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Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. Gabi Froboese12 March, 2012

    It's a nice poem Navneet. I shall have to look up some words, when I will be back home. Thus I shall read it once again. See you then. Gabi from Germany

  2. Thanks Gabi. :) Glad to hear that you loved my poem and will be reading it again.
    - Navneet

  3. Derek Harrison6905 June, 2012

    a poem is a poem