Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thoughts on Dreams and Success and Resolution 2012

Hello Readers.

I know you are doing great and a big Thanks for loving my blog. 

The New Year is around and we all are busy celebrating and also making our Resolutions for the upcoming Year 2012. I am also making some Resolutions, Targets, Goals for 2012. :) 

I will like to wish you all the best and very happy New Year and will like to leave behind few inspirational quotes written by me specially for you. 

Always remember "One Who Can't Dream Can Never Achieve"

"Never Neglect Or Demoralize Yourself, Your Dreams Will Come True. You are a Superstar"

"Day Dreaming is a good habit if you think about it and put efforts in the right direction"

"There is no Height, or Limit of a Dream,
Dream as big as you can.
No-one is Rich or Poor in Dreams
but how they work or apply them makes the Real difference"


"Thoughts bring Ideas,
Ideas Give Rise to Plans
Plans to  Goals
and Goals to Destiny.
And Achieving Destiny is an Achievement.

And last but not the least

"Never be content with yourself keep dreaming big... but always present yourself as content and satisfied  regarding Success"

Celebrate and Party Hard. And do make a Resolution 2012 and start working on it as you enter 2012 till then Cheers.

Best Wishes.

Happy New Year.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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