Thursday, March 19, 2009

Recession is good

Most of us are fearing of recession and there is lack of awareness about recession (like recession is cyclic comes nearly after every 4-5 years and usually lasts for 1 year) the topic is such that everyone talks about it but no one actually reads which compelled me to share something about recession.
I will like to Concentrate on positive side of recession, i.e how recession is good.
There is an opportunity in every difficulty so applies with recession.

1. Recession makes us to live in reality, it gives us a wake up call to come out of dreams and live in reality. The market is always boomed up by marketers, promoters, politicians that we are developing we will have such future, will have high return on investments and so on, and a day comes when we realise facts.

2. It teaches how to invest money, and avoids unthought sudden investment which we usually commit; like we actually go for mall for particular list of products and we purchase more of others than actual purchase, even our attitude toward investment has changed now a person like to take initiative to learn about any company before investing in it and then goes for calculated risk.

3. It teaches us saving and makes us more future oriented. Most of Americans committed blunder of investing whole money and even gone for huge credits which became actual reason for for this global recession.

4. TRANSFER OF POWER:This is perhaps biggest point of recession regarding Indian prospective.
In a recession period even people who have potential for actual purchase stop their purchase because of fear and results in outburst of huge demand when recession ends as people become fearless but mean time major players of market were wiped off and so situation arises that market is not able to meet demand and in this condition whomsoever can supply wins. This will have huge impact on india and we will perhaps emerge as biggest exporter of world probably after china to satisfy this demand of the whole world, which will give us a huge development opportunities.SO NO NEED TO FEAR ABOUT THIS RECESSION, IT WILL HELP OUR COUNTRY TO BE A DEVELOPED COUNTRY the only thing is we need to sustain ourselves.

Hope u all have loved the article, please be free to post your comments and questions if any