Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Marketing Updates

Advertising Yourself:

Building a personal brand through Social Networks- Social Networking is a rare sector of the econonmy that is booming midst of recession. Despite the risks, experts are advising people to use the web and other tools to brand themselves.

Ha. Though it seems a new concept initially as probably they r first to publish but we i have been to this from last two years or so

I had made attempts to build a brand of myself from more than a year ago

If u remember any of mine tag line mentioned below that means i am a successful marketer

Navneet Singh Chauhan- The True Warrior

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Always Khush

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Life is War

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Change is good

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Loves to be funny

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Singh is King

Navneet Singh Chauhan- Journey without halts

All the above are my tag lines i used on social networking sites to built my own brand

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  1. whenever i need got quotes why do i always keep on getting on the same website again and again? well it has some good poetry too to take guidance from.