Friday, December 25, 2009

Hostel Incidence

Hello Friends,
Just sharing an incident which occurred in our hostel, on our first floor..
This incident took our breaths for a moment.
It was 21st December 2009, when we all were preparing for our last paper.
In our hostel there are guys of different departments of management like MBE, MSW, MLW and so on, one such guy lived in our hostel and the incident revolves around him.
He was alone inside the room, when his other room mate appeared.. He started knocking the door but he did not opened it despite several attempts.
After some time we all gathered at door and knocked the door like anything, truly speaking we even attempted to break the door..
Then his room-mate said today he was very sad as he got break-up from his Girl-Friend, and added he may have committed suicide.

This made us literally more worried, we were shouting like anything and desperately attempting to break the door..
One of us called the security office then and called the security persons.
Three of us, got crazy and they jumped in to the balcony of the room, from climbing other neighbouring balcony (The task is not so difficult). In which one was our MBA Guy..
They knocked at the window which was near to his bed, and the window was closed so one cannot know whats going on.
We had mirror windows, which are not transparent from either side.

One of the boy told lets break it out.. He gave a big blow on the window, Nothing happened to window but he cried (Oh, ma hath tut gaya) and got some injuries. The second got excited and tried too, he too got injury, the third shouted you all are useless and gave the hardest knock, and he too shouted (Oh! Ma gaya kam se), but nothing happened on mirror..
Then they all decided to break it by some other means, somehow they found a stone(Stone which he use to put against balcony door so that it does not get closed because of wind), and one of them throw it on the window, and the result was the mirror brooked out.
The mirror was broken in to big pieces, and its small particles were inside the room.. They peeped in to see whats in..

The scene in was “The boy was safe and sleeping, and then they all three shouted, he stood up and reached on window, with half wake up, and put hand on window and said, what are you people doing here, The three shouted take your hand back the mirror is broken” Then the boy took back and realize what all was going..
He shouted “why you people broke up the window mirror” and then we gave the boy a big feed back for taking our breaths away..
Actually he had plugged in his phone, with FM ON, so he could not hear our shouts..

By now, as in movies the police came late so here too our security persons came and we told the actual situation.
Security persons asked who brooked the mirror but none answered and one of us said “Don’t worry the bill will be paid by this idiot( who was sleeping)
In this way, the incident came to an end…

Thanks and Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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