Thursday, December 24, 2009

My First Novel: Love is Everywhere. A love story of a UK girl who falls in Love with an Indian Engineer..

CHANDRASHEKHAR SINGH (Pet name Chandra) : A young IT Engineer
EMILY : A beautiful girl from UK.
Piyusha : A young Indian girl, who felt in love with Chandra.
Aditya: Chandra’s Younger brother.
And lot more characters revolving around them…

Chapter- 3 ( I have directly rooted you to 3rd chapter)

16 years later in London city there lived a lady named Emily, much young of just 19 and was doing her bachelors with computer application. Much beautiful and full of proud of her beauty. She was the hottest lady of her college and every boy used to dream of her and had got a wish to fall in love with her. She was much
Intelligent and always use to top in her class. She is the combination of brain and beauty.
Chandrasekhar Singh was an Indian and arrives at London as he gets a job as an I.T Engineer. It was his first job after he has completed his B.E. from I.I.T Kanpur. Chandrasekhar has got in his family parents and a small brother who is presently studying in India. Chandrasekhar loves his family much and his nation too. He can’t hear any thing against India and was proud to be India and has come to England with a view of earning money and go back to India if he does get a good job in India and serve his nation.
His office is very near to Emms College, emms was nick name of Emily.
Chandrasekhar Singh too was a good looking, handsome, young of 23 and a jolly man. One day his eyes felt on emms and stayed there on. He can’t ignore her. Emms saw Chandrasekhar looking at her but ignored him as it is quite natural instant for such a beautiful lady Emms.
Now Emms had made a place in Chandrasekhar’s heart. He was not able to work efficiently at work and dreamed of her. Everyday when he uses to go to office he piped in to Emms College to see her.
On a beautiful evening when he was going back to his room he saw Emms going back to home from college. He rushed fast and got on the way with her and gave a smile to her, Emms too replied with a smile this gave him courage to talk with her. He asked her name, she replied “Emily and people use to call me Emms”. Then he asked about her college and what she is doing. Emily too got some interest in Chandrasekhar as he is dealing with IT field which is quite close to her field of B.C.A. Emily is in her final year and was working hard on her final year project. Chandrasekhar asked about her project and showed his readiness to help her if she needs it and smartly gave her his mobile number.
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My work is still incomplete, its more than 2 years when i started it and worked over, i have left this incomplete work but am going to complete it out for sure, but when its still a question mark.. But will do it soon, i guess..
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