Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A billion dollar Saving – Water Conservation

Water is Precious, Water is Life..!
Water is Refreshing..!

Water need to be conserved to the fullest of its extent. Today I am going to share a water conservation tip, which can save gallons of rain water. We are personally using this method of rain water conservation from last 10 years.

It’s simple and very easy to implement.
Let me share the benefits first.


1. Rise in underground water level
2. Increase in the quality of underground water level.
3. Water Saving and availability of water throughout year.
4.  Mental Satisfaction as you have contributed to water conservation.
5. Respect in society.
6. You can promote the concept to other and become responsible person. This will also increase your social interactions hence relationships with society people.


Things Required: A terrace and a motor bore…

You must be having water outlet facility on your terrace so that water does not accumulate on your terrace. All you need is to fit a pipe on this water outlet which should be connected to your motor bore. This can be done very easily by drilling a whole on pipe below motor; which will ensure that rain water does not harm the motor.

In this way connect all your water outlets to your motor bore or the maximum possible. You can have fitting in way which could be removed so that you can ensure that only rain water goes in. That is dirty water which may come out due to cleaning of terrace or water tank should not go in. Moreover in this way you can also use direct rain water for personal use, like water storage for bathing, cleaning utensils and clothes. Water can be stored in underground tanks and water drums etc.
After you have implemented this, when it will rain all you need to ensure that the pipe is connected to motor bore. If you do not use for personal storage you can let it be connected through out monsoon season.

After this whenever it will rain; all your terrace water will directly go inside the motor bore and hence directly to underground water. This will definitely increase the underground water level and huge saving of drinking water. In long terms the water quality of your area will get better. And for the time being at least in monsoon season you will get good quality water; when you will draw water from your motor for sure. It’s my guarantee.

GROUP PROJECT: You can also have a group of people nearby your house, and collectively connect your entire houses water outlet to a common bore. This is specially recommended where people do not have dedicated motor bore.

Big Societies can have a dedicated bore and common water outlet connection so that it becomes hassle free.
This monsoon it is expected that it will rain more in September than in August (Monsoon Forecast). So we are not that late..!

So go and implement it right now… and become a hero..!

And do spread the words..!

Happy Monsoon..!

Best Wishes.
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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