Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Inception- The Movie and Reality

Its one month since I have watched this movie. Inception is one of the best English movies I have ever seen.

Inception as a concept is really a new concept. Going in to others dream and understanding the person. Going from one dream level to another and still another and so on. The reduction of time and living a full life in dream is phenomenal. Creating a new idea in others mind so the person may think accordingly, made me feel wow..!
Security of dream concept; and returning back from dream through death or big shock all the things made movie a great one. The love story of hero made it still interesting.

But inception as reality up to how much is it possible??????

At current scenario getting into others dream is near impossible but hypnotism is a concept where you can make people do what you wish up to certain extent.

But individually I will say you can travel from one dream level to another. And yes you can engineer your dream up to certain level as there was a girl in the movie who use to construct dream locations and backgrounds. Hey..! I am serious..!  You can... Give it a try. Think I will like to see a dream in which so and so... but it needs high day dreaming skills and it takes time..! Sometime you try a lot but still you cannot see the dream you wish to see but months back when all it goes out of your conscious mind you dream the same dream which you always wished. Do give it a try and let me know if that works out? I will also plan the same..!

Yes this is real and can happen..! Believe this and try it out…!

Let me share one personal example which I recalled in running movie in multiplex itself.

I had this dream years back, may be 6-9 years back when I would be probably somewhere 14-17 year old. No this was not a planned one. This was an anonymous dream; I am mentioning here because I have travelled from one dream level to another.

DREAM: As usual I was lying on my bed and sleeping and I got a dream, In my dream (level 1) I saw I am too tired after work and lying on my bed, and soon I fell asleep and I went into another dream (level 2) and I saw I am on the way to my hometown with my family. We were walking on road very near to my home and delighted as we were all set to be back at home, but suddenly a dispute occurs between the two communities and we were trapped by another community people who had planned to kill us. We all run here and there, soon I discover I am lost all alone, I don’t know what happened to my family are they safe or not? Suddenly I discover they are still behind me, I start running, and I fall down because of a stone on road. I could not escape. One of them took hold of my neck and touched me with a wall and pulled up in the air. I am trying hard to escape but all in vein. Suddenly he inserted his big knife inside my stomach and I shouted with pain on my bed. Ha I am alive nothing happened I am safe. It was a dream. Hey..! But I came back directly from level 2 to level 0; the reality. According to movie I should be at level 1, isn’t it?

The movie inception took me back to a dream which I had years back.
And one more thing, I felt the movie was a 9 hour movie, really as in dream you can live more life in less time..!

Have you had some similar experiences? Or will like to write something about movie or wanna share some real experiences, then please do writ in comments.

Your valuable feedback and comments are always welcome.

Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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