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My Blog, My Way of Life - MY STORY..! -Part II

Hello Everyone.

Hope you doing well.

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And here it goes….!

Almost everyone of my friend’s were enjoying their holidays before beginning their college life, I was wondering what’s next for me.

I started evaluating the options, B.Sc Electronics, Chemistry or Biology?

Chemistry, I never considered because I could not imagine myself in a chemical factory/Laboratory in awful smelling environment.

Biology I am not that great in, Ohh last option Electronics not that bad, yeah final it is Electronics I am going to opt.

I told this to one of my friend, he replied electronics is tough. I fear you will not pass. I just said thanks for the opinion but I have taken the decision.

He said, but you will not get job here specially in electronics. Not much industry over here, and in chemistry you will certainly get job as this is a big industry over here. I said I have no plans to continue over in electronics. I will do MBA after B.Sc. He mocked over this, And said, you know what MBA is ??, first pass B.Sc. Live in reality. I said OK. Let’s see what’s next, but this is what I am planning to do, but I am not sure where it will lend too.

Admissions process begins, I ran on Day 1, and got admissions without many efforts.

And the college life begins…!

Day 1: Yes, I am walking in to the campus of one of the best B.Sc college over here (Narmada College of Science and Commerce). I had accepted the reality, and had no more pains, all I need was sustained efforts. 

Waooow so many people near by. So many aspiring students like me..! hey..! its time to go in to lecture.

Many of my friends where also with me, with an intention to do time pass, as it was nearly 45 days to start Engineering college and fee’s in B.Sc is not that great.
Few just took as a back up in case they do not get in. But I was sure that I am going to do it.

I was serious about this from day 1.

Very motivating speech on Day 1, professors gave over. Few gave details about course overview and how competitive or up to mark course is with Engineering. I felt somewhat good after hearing this.

One of the B.Sc Electronics final year student gave a deep thought over how good Electronics is and its career aspects. And how good faculties are over here. He said life is a plot, and god has made a good one for everyone. What’s there to regret if you failed once, this world is a pool of opportunities.

I started working hard since beginning and my friends were counting over there days for Engineering. Sooner or later everyone went off. I remained alone in my circle but no disappointment this was bound to happen.

Time went off, came the first internal exams. I tried my best. And it was good on my part. Results came and I was one of the few who were in top of the list ( I was 2nd ). I was jumping like anything, And I talked to myself happy days are here.

Everyone in my home was happy..!

Second internals came and nearly the same results.

Finals were approaching, and we had practical’s first. I remember clearly, I gave last physics practical and was feeling so weak when coming back to home. I had the snap of mine in my mind sitting at Bharuch station in ill mood.

I came home, and talked about this. My mother noticed my eyes gone yellow. Soon everyone was worried, with a smell of Hepatitis.

I was rushed in to hospital nearby, the doctor took my blood sample and said rest in home today, and tomorrow we will admit you in hospital.

I was confirmed as Hepatitis A Positive.
I was admitted in Birla hospital in Kosamba next day.

Just 30 days for my final exams, Plus great cricket matches were going over ( India Tour of Pakistan ). Plus ongoing second internal exams, which i missed as i was in hospital.

I was in hospital from 15th Feb 2005 to 23rd. I made good friendship with a doctor over here who treated me. I use to ask cricket scores to him every time he walked in my ward.
I remember this exciting match (CLICK to know), I missed 

When I came back to home, I thought I have gained normal health, but as effects of glucose bottles faded I realized I am still weak.

I missed my second internals as I was in hospital. I talked to principal and HoD. He said give a retest. We won’t let you sit in finals unless you sit in these exams, if you are ill, come to college sign in paper and go. You will get a zero at worst but without appearing this you can’t sit. Sorry it’s a norm.

I filled up retest forms, and we had 2 papers in a day each that too in a row.
I had to give 8 papers in 4 days in a row.

I did not give up.

I remember myself sitting in exam rooms with very few students like me, but most of them were giving few papers which they missed out.

I have to go through 2 papers a day.

Days went off, and exams somehow ended.

Reading vacations were ON, I was still under medical supervision and very hectic food diets.
I was not allowed to eat chapattis, not even vegetables, Just cured and Rice (khichdi), and sugarcane.

Days went off, and came the exam day. And on the same day I have eaten my last tablet when my doctor declared I am fine.

I was made clear it would be fine that if you just pass by my family.

I was wondering why It happens with me only.

Exams went off, it was good I guessed.

Vacations came in.

One early morning newspaper broked in with my results.

I could not find myself in first class list. It appeared in second class, disappointing…
I called one of my friend who scored first class and wished him.
He wished me too for first class, 

I told dear I got second, then he said no you got first class.
Then I realized i just could not recall my roll no. properly and yes I got first class.

I jumped in air with excitement.

It was a big success for me. My family was equally delighted over this.

Days went off, Then came the annual function.
My teacher called me and said, you will be awarded with a silver medal for showing excellence in studies. You have to come with family in the event.

I was so happy for this.
Then came the day, for some reasons my family had to go to hometown, and I went alone at the event, but it was great..!

I was waiting for my turn, and I got the silver medal from the hands of Parthiv Gohil one of the well known singer, specially known for his work in the movie Saawariya.

I was so happy for this.

Days went off, I passed my second year equally well.
I was topper in physics in both years; I also passed Indian Association of Physics Teachers Examinations .

Also I became famous in my college and friends circle for my poetry writing skills as I participated in one such event, with my own written Love poem.

Then I moved towards my bigger dream, to be an MBA.

What it all takes to be an MBA?

The way ahead…!

Hurdles or a smooth highway ?

Will right in my third and last edition of this series for the time being.

Keep loving..!

Hope to see you again soon.

Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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