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My Blog, My Way of Life - MY STORY..!

Hello Readers, Thanks for your love.

Today, I am going to write my own story here, as my blog reads “My Blog, My way of Life..!” So let me write something about my life, and the journey so far..!

Before starting it let me tell you that

There are always three sides of a truth.
1. Your Side
2. My Side
3. The Real Side

I am representing here my side, but I hope it’s very close to the real side
So here it goes…!

December 5, 1987 was when I officially came on this earth. Born in a Royal Rajputana Family, “Chauhan’s” in district Mainpuri of Uttar Pradesh, India.

As a Chauhan, I was welcomed in this world with Gun Fires in air. More than 6 round of Fires in air. Yes, this is the way a kid (specially a boy) in royal race like Chauhan’s is welcomed.

I grew up here till first 6 months, and we moved to Punjab as my father got a good job there. We remained there till I was 1 year. And then we moved to Kosamba, Surat, Gujarat as my father got another good job here in a state government run company. Though we frequently moved to our hometown once in a year or even more as we have lot of connections and few properties over there. Moreover the love that a hometown gives is hard to find in outside cities.

I grew up in small town Kosamba, and studied over in a school sponsored/run by my father’s company. By Birth I was very aggressive and angry, probably because it was inherent in my blood.
I had a track record of hitting 4 of my seniors and 1 classmate with a cricket bat. Not all together but in 5 different events, with very small reasons, for not giving a chance to bowl, making me run out in cricket or for saying some bad words or so.

But my mother teaches me how to remain cool and till I came to class 8th I became one of the coolest guy in my batch.

2 more years and I came in class 10th (High School). People here in this part of world become so caring for there kids when they come in 10th and I was no different. Engineers and Doctors are big craze over here, hence people do give special attention over this, and hence they try to admit their kids in some science schools.  Hence big focus on science subjects in class 10th.

Personally I loved science up to some extent but I loved Social studies much more than anything. I remember how I spent hours reading about Hitler and World War 1 and World War 2 stories. Even I loved subjects like Civics, which everyone hated and Geography too. Everyone told me to focus more on Science and Maths and I had full time tuitions for the same as we get admissions in higher secondary school based on merits of these two subjects, no one even asks about marks in other subjects. (Scenario has recently changed, now weight-age is given equally on all subjects in class X, but I was not fortunate enough at that time.)

But truly speaking I was not good in Math’s, and I hated Chemistry and Biology part of science, though it raised some initial curiosities in me.

We had lot of good things in my first school; it offered students no pressures, really no workbooks and any other additional loads. I loved my school for this. I had many good memories with my first school.

Then came 10th exams, I gave it with high spirits and every paper went good except Math’s as I left 20 marks paper out of 100 because of lack of time, as I became mad over a 5 mark question and spent all time over it.

After exam as always comes the results. I got average marks in Math’s, Science. Everyone got good in it. I sounded an average student with my 10th merits as I could not score good in these subjects which according to world was main subjects though I topped in subjects like Social Studies, Type Writing, and Sanskrit. But really no one asked about these subjects. Yeah i scored 90 out of 100 and was probably topper in district but  who cares. Also i scored highest in Type in my class. I still type too fast on my computer. You may click here to discover.

A hunt for admissions begin and I left my future on two schools located 20 KMs away from my home (no other was nearby, as I lived in small town). One Science and other Commerce, it was a simple decision if I get in one of the best science school here I will opt for science, will forget science if I can’t and will study commerce.

1st list of students who got admissions in science school was declared and I could not get in, but many of my friends got in except me and 2 more ( who got nearly same marks as i did )

2nd came and I still could not.

Came the third and to my delight I got the admissions (the other 2 also got admissions).

This was a turning point in my life???

I thought so, as everyone studied well in class 10th to get admission in this school which I got by margins.

We (me and my friends) started travelling by train daily to school. It was one of the best schools as everyone talked but soon we (all my previous school friends) discovered it was the worst in world. As we were brought up in worlds most liberal school.

Teachers even slapped students over here on face, I never got a one in my student life as on date, and here I got on very first day for going on back side benches as class representative called me for some work, teacher came in class and gave me a slap for the accuse of talking and making noise which I was not involved in, I literally cried like a kid as it was a big insult for me.

Days went off, and I appeared more and more dull in studies because of hectic school environment, and lack of concentration in studies.

I failed first time in terminal exams in class 11th, so so disappointing.

There was only one teacher in my school that looked at me, and tried to make me focus on studies rest all were busy in getting behind the toppers and rankers. ( It should be the reverse, isn't it ?)

I was not that good in Math’s, followed by Chemistry and Biology.

Few days then, three of my friends started tuition with one of the Math’s teacher, where we went for tuitions in class 10th too.

He was very well known teacher and has very good teaching skills, but at that time he did not use to teach to class 12th English medium students, but this time he took in.

My friends told me to join in too, and told me to come in someday and talk.

I still remember very clearly, I went in there one evening when my friends use to go and study. He was shocked seeing me, I told I want to join my friends and learn Math’s with you, can you please teach me. He replied, I knew, you are very dull in studies, it’s difficult for me to teach you, and I think you are not going to pass in class 12th. So I am sorry for this, but as you have come so sit for today, and please don’t come from tomorrow.

It was so disappointing for me, I never felt so bad in my life. It was like someone killed me. I told him thank you and left immediately. But I sat somewhere outside, wondering what to say at my home, what my friends will be thinking , for a moment I thought very negative, roamed here and there for an hour and finally I came back to home.

Days went off, and my exams were nearing. Then one day that Math’s teacher told me through friends that I may join during revision session. I felt of saying No but after many thoughts and force from family I went in there.

Few days before final exams of class 12th a list of dullest student came out, and I appeared in too as expected. This mean I have to go to school till last 4 days of exams as school had no faith in me that I will study home. Everyone else studied in there homes and I travelled through trains and heard repeated boring lectures of teachers, and could not focus where the focus was really required. Came back home slept with tiredness and life went on.

I appeared in exams, not too bad was I thought and expecting some 55 Percent or so. But result was I got grace in few subjects oh yes that includes chemistry and biology. Average marks in Maths, and near border marks in Physics’s. It counted 36% Pass when taking Science theories, Adding English, Sanskrit 42% and adding Science Practical’s 59.9% (Yess.. I got 80% marks in science practical’s)

This meant, No scope for engineering in Gujarat State as here only Theories were counted (Engineering is a practical field but practical marks were not counted, ha ha so strange). Also no scope outside Gujarat as rule of score 60 % including practicals, which I missed by 1 mark.

Future appeared blurred for me.

Everyone talked What Navneet will do ? You really scored poor marks, how come?  Why you did not focus on study?

How come those poor marks asked my high school teachers, you were very good in studies over here?

Questions were blown over me, and I have no answers.

Life was never bad like this.

These things really made me disappointed. But thank god my family stood by my side. My parents were still confident about me.

I had no ray of scope.

Getting in to engineering was not possible even in dreams, what are the options I thought? The only I had was B.Sc (Bachelors of Science)

I wondered will I get admission even in B.Sc.

Moreover it has not that great value, no tags; no good job offers, just a degree, is the common opinion over here on this course.

What happened then?
How I moved on?
Is there something worst to come?

I will share in my next post.

Thanks for taking time from your busy life for reading my story part 1.


Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. Very Well Written man.
    Liked the flow of your life.
    Waiting for the next part.

  2. Thanks Abhishek..!
    Will right back soon.
    Till then you may enjoy reading other posts.
    Navneet Singh Chauhan.

  3. good yaar... This is Nishant... Hope you remember...

  4. Yes, I remember..! was a surprise to see you over here..! Must say you have a good blog too..!

  5. I liked so much Ur way to represent yourself very truly ! Will wait for your next post ! Thanks to share with us !

  6. @Shishir Chauhan: Thanks Dada. the second part is already out as i have mentioned above at

    And third part is yet to be written.

    Will try to write soon.


    Navneet Singh Chauhan