Thursday, August 18, 2011

Contest: Rebrand my Blog. Blog and Win for sure.

Hello All.

I am excited to launch one of its unique kind of Competition were Everyone Will be a WINNER.

The Contest is all about “ Re-branding my blog”.

Yes you read it write. I want to rebrand my blog to something new and exciting. “My Way of Life” now appears a little old school thought so I wish to reposition it to something exciting and cool.

So here are the Contest details please go through.

How to Participate?

1. Kindly go through my blog and try to understand the essence of it. It's current tag line is "My Way of Life".

2. For Blogger's: Introduce my Blog (Must contain a link to my blog), on your blog. Followed by a Tagline or Brand Slogan and explanations why you think this slogan is suitable to my blog and how it is better than my blog’s current branding – My way of Life. Anything else you will like to suggest for my blog is highly appreciable and welcomed. You can inform your readers that this post is a part of this competition. And last but not the least don’t forget to leave a comment below containing the link of your post also do give your small Introduction.

3. For Everyone Else: Leave a comment below with full details as mentioned above.

PRICES to Grab

Prices for Winner

1. A permanent credit line at bottom of my blog. Blog repositioned by “Mr. XYZ” or Tagline Suggested by Mr.ABC”

2. One month Free Banner Listing on my blog for 30 Days of your blog/website worth 2000Rs. ( My blog gets over 4500 page views per month with above 1000 Unique Visitors)

Everyone is a Winner: Participation Prices

Everyone who will participate in this contest will be a winner. Here are the participation prices.

1. Every one of you who will participate in this competition including the Winner will be featured on a special blog post which will be dedicated to all participants detailing about the suggestions, taglines given by you and little introduction about you (As you would have introduced yourself in comment or in your blog post entry and based on my own inputs if any). Also I will share why I have selected particular contestant as a Winner. If you are a blogger and you have posted your entry on your blog I will be glad to say something about your blog and will share its link suggesting readers to visit your blog.

2. If you are a blogger or if you have a website I will rate it 5 star on Alexa with positive Feedback.

Important Dates:

1. Contest starts on 18th August 2011 and ends on 15th October 2011.

2. Results will be declared by October End in a special post describing all entries and a Winner will be selected by me.


Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan

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