Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Social Networking Application - TweetDeck.

Hello Everyone.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite PC application which I have downloaded from Intel Applications Center

(Snapshot of Intel AppUp(SM) center Desktop application. Snapshot Shows search results for Twitter)

And the application is TweetDeck.

I was searching long for an application which will help me in managing multiple accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites which i have to manage at work.

I manage over 8 Facebook and Twitter accounts at job. And at times it becomes tough to sign in and update status on all pages and accounts one by one. But being handling such business pages and profile i have to do such updates.

Looking for a solution I somehow came across Intel application Center and there i have found pretty good amount of useful applications and first thing i did was a search "Twitter" and found some good number of Twitter applications and out of them one was "TweetDeck" application which was readily available for download for FREE. I have also downloaded the second application Monitor4Twitter which is quite good application if you want to keep an eye on a particular hashtag.

So What is TweetDeck all about and how it really solved my problem and saved my time at office? here it goes.

TweetDeck is a simply a Desktop application which brings Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, Foursquare, Myspace at one place. Plus you can add multiple accounts of almost all of these social networking sites. I have personally added 4-5 Twitter accounts and 1 Facebook account and 8 associated Facebook pages which I manage. And yes TweetDeck is now part of Twitter so you can go for it with more trust. Also there are other options available for TweetDeck like TweetDeck for Desktop, Iphone, Android, Chrome (Extension), and Web (beta). 

So here are few FEATURES OF TweetDeck which makes it worth having if you are looking to manage all social networking site's all together at one place.

1. Managing Multiple Updates: With TweetDeck you get updates right when they happen. By default it will give you updates from Twitter; in one column comprising of tweets, in second column Mentions and in third column Direct Messages. You can always edit, remove these columns plus you can add new columns where you can add updates from Facebook, linkedin, foursquare, google buzz, Myspace and Twitter. Under Facebook you can even select friends whose updates matters you most. It means you can shortlist your updates too. Below is the snapshot.

(Tweet Deck application SnapShot, )

2. Multiple Status updates: Yes with TweetDeck you can not only view multiple updates all together but you can do multiple updates too. You can select accounts from Facebook, Twitter, linked in etc and multiple Facebook pages from your Facebook account and do an update accordingly.

(click on image to view a larger version)

In this Snapshot I have selected all my Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to do a update. This is pretty helpful when doing an update which might go common to all like "Happy Independence Day". And for personal use anything new you want to share with your friends. This is a great boon to all who want to remain active on multiple social networking sites and saves a lot of time.

In this another snapshot I have selected few accounts only Viz. Facebook account of my employer and it's Fan Page and Twitter account of my employer. So a single update over here which is specific to my employer will go to Facebook profile, Facebook page and on Twitter. That really save's a lot of time and efforts.

3. Image and Video Upload.

Yes with TweetDeck you can also upload Images and Video's easily with your updates

Record Video from WEBCAM : Not only this you can also record a video using your webcam and upload it.

Plus you can choose you your own Image uploading services from various options available like YFrog, Lockerz, TwitPic, Posterous and MobyPicture. You can select any of these from TweetDeck Settings under Services Tab. 

And similarly You can also select your own link shortening services from  variety of choices like bit.ly, is.gd, tinyurl, twurl. No need to worry if service provider doesn't matters you. It will go to its default settings then for both Image & Video uploads and for URL shortening services

4.  Tweet Shrink: This feature allows you to automatically short your status update or tweet. It uses auto short hand words commonly used on twitter or generally and shortens it accordingly. As an example see the pic below where it has shrinked an update by 9 characters.

5. Long Tweets: Don't like the limitations of 140 character limits on Twitter? Here is a solution. When your text reaches near 140 and you think you need more words to express then no need to stop, you can go on by just enabling long Tweets with a single click. This will allow you to go beyond 140 character limit. On Twitter though it will be published in 140 character limits only including a link of tweetdeck where your reader's can follow the full updates. Below image shows a sample of it.

6. Scheduled Tweets

In business even the timing of Tweets and updates are important and at times in personal life too. But with TweetDeck you need not to worry about this. Thanks to Schedule time feature. Just type your tweets and schedule it accordingly and it will be auto-published  at particular instant of time. Incredible.

Here is a general list of  TweetDeck features.

1. Update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Google Buzz and Foursquare
2. Take advantage of an increased Twitter API rate
3. Retweet Twitter style - or your style
4. Check-in to Foursquare direct from the client.
5. Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages
6. See what's hot with Twitter Trends and TwitScoop
7. Integrated LinkedIn for your professional contacts
8. View YouTube videos within TweetDeck, and record and share video clips though TwitVid
9. Manage multiple Twitter accounts easily.
10. Locate your friends

11. Send longer messages through Deck.ly service
12. Use scheduling feature to check-in or send a tweet in the future
13. Organize and update Facebook with TweetDeck
14. Follow topics in real-time with saved searches, editable from within the column
15. Add, create and manage Twitter Lists
16. Use the Global Filter to remove unnecessary tweets by account, service or hashtag
17. Preview short URLs from the comfort of TweetDeck
18. Easily see who's following you.
19. Use your TweetDeck Account to add all of your social network accounts in one go

20. Add networks that use a compatible Twitter API, like WordPress and Tumblr
21. Keep your TweetDeck safe with sync and back-up
22. Avoid Twitter spam with TweetDeck’s spam button
23. Share and view photos with support for Flickr, Twitgoo and mobypicture
24. Keep your finger on the pulse with MySpace
25. Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your messaging
26. Interactive and informative notifications

As well as many other great features


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  1. Really Nice peace of information Navneet.

    Quite good explanation.

    And after reading your blog I have installed Intel appsup and then downloaded tweetdeck and it's quite good. I am loving facebook and twitter together.

    I have also downloaded few more apps from intel aps center.

    Justine Dion.

  2. @BeMoneyaware. Thanks for the wishes. Same to you.

  3. @Justine Dion: Thanks a lot for the appreciation.
    So Good to hear that you loved the TweetDeck application too. And yes Intel application center is great place for apps. Nice to hear that you have installed few more apps from there.

    Keep in Touch.

    Navneet Singh Chauhan.