Sunday, June 21, 2009

MY CHILDHOOD DAYS..- A memorial still so fresh

Hello Visitors,
I still remember my childhood days when life was really different as it’s know what it is.
Let me first clarify what childhood appears to me, According to me the childhood days where the days when child is completely detached with the real life world or does have a very sheer idea what life is. I consider my childhood days where till I grow to 12 or speaking till my class 6th and 7th.

My childhood’s most part was spent in GSFC colony where we lived in.
I lived there from class-I to class-VI.
And enjoyed the real gems of my life.
Yes those where the days I will never forget.
I still remember we (me and my elder brother) use to wake up early at 07.00AM and some time even at six to play cricket, sometimes we were the only two people playing cricket and sometimes we played in team, which consists of near same group age guys.
We played on our apartments terrace and in our colony’s Long tennis ground and sometimes in big cricket ground.
What drawed us closer to tennis ground was that it was completely cemented and so we can play also in monsoon and there was no issues of long grasses as after post monsoons.
I think am making too stress on cricket.
Playing cricket on tennis ground was great and that too with light facilities available we also played late-night cricket, at that time late night standed for up to 08.30PM.
When we usually rushed to home with fears of mom’s beating, but usually we were home by 08.00PM.
The days were beautified by the presence of club in our colony… Hey that’s not bear club or late night club that was a simple indoor club with facilities of indoor sports and some magazines, television and so on, a perfect place for kids like us.
I loved to play there Table-tennis (TT) and carom, we also tried our hands on badminton many times but TT was my favourite.
Hey I still remember that we even played cricket on our TT table, if stroke the wall it was six and so on. The way of getting back behind queen in carom and playing chess was great.
Ya, I remember the days when our club organized championship matches for various age groups in activities like chess, TT, and so on. I was the smallest in our age group 12-16, but enjoyed it.
I participated in chess, ill I was not selected for TT as I was unable to play without touching the table of TT which was against the rule of the play, but chess championship was great with nearly 12 contestants as I already mentioned I was the smallest there.
But I was good to this game as me and my brother usually played hours off chess at home.
I remember we (Me and My brother) played championship matches at home with 3 or 5 rounds which I usually use to lose with him but still spirits were high.
There were two-semis, that is 4 to be selected and myself and my brother were the two in the four, but thank god we were not in front of each other in semis. I won the semi and my brother lost it.
So know I have to play with the person who gave defeat to my brother In semi’s it was more like a revenge for me to take. And that too it was time to proof as I a class student of 6th was going to play against a student of class ten.
I still remember that evening when we played the final, my brother had gave me a very good technic to play at start of game which I applied and we started playing, first it seems I will lose the game as I lost some important fighters of my army in chess battle-ground but one of my important move to catch the king became successful and out of the blues I won the game and then I was formally declared a winner. I was awarded with a wall-watch which still hangs in my drawing room. My brother won in Table- Tennis and he too was awarded with wall-watch which still hangs in our bed-room.
The days were great and nights too.
We spend many nights on our apartment terrace just wondering where is the pole star and why moon hides himself beside the clouds and why moon keeps moving through out night and why the sun rises and why the trees are green and why lions don't live with us, why the teachers beat us for not doing homework and why we feared of saying the teacher "May i go to toilet", why we played silli games to hide till one counts and why we shouted "Ki ab ankhein khol lo mein chup gaya hu, ped ke picche".

We never discriminated us on any religion, caste, creed, colour, gender, all were equal to us. We hugged each other simply without any reasons. The way our elders kissed on our cheeks and the way the life was so simple. The way of throwing water-bags water on the road making some curious stupid designs, The way of playing and eating pencil, making powder of chalks and mixing with ink and throwing on each other, Shouting in classes, helping each other in our own simple ways.
Hiding ourselves in class beside benches, and the way of sitting down in bench and drinking water without teachers permission, and the way of travelling bench to bench to change our place in ongoing lectures, sorry periods; the way teacher use to change our place and punished to sit with girls or standing besides wall, the way teacher beat us on our hands and the way my mother, father, and elder brother and other family members cared me. The way my grandfather, grandmother and mummy use to tell stories. The way we fought with each other, the way we laughed together. The way we respected our elders and the way we were growing and the way we thought to grow elder soon, and the way we teased each other, still this is very few the way I lived my childhood... All these memories are still fresh and green in my mind.
Hope i could get an opportunity to move the time back so that i can enjoy my childhood and get all my friends back in my life. I really miss my all childhood friends and if u are one of such my friend, not in touch with me and somehow reached to my blog then do reply to this post so that I can reach u.

This is how my childhood went on...
Hope u would have enjoyed the article and probably remembered your childhood too.
Keep in touch.
Take Care.
navneet singh chauhan.

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  1. Childhood is always pleasant. Be it you or me. Continue blogging. good luck.