Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Training- 2 Month(27th May to 26th July)@ Piramal Glass, Kosamba.

Hello Friends,

Presently am undergoing a two month summer training here at kosamba(R.S) at Piramal Glass.
Am enjoying the way it went by now and hope the things will be going good too.
People here are good and supportive and I am enjoying it...

Here are many trainees from BBA and 3 from MBA, and few from MSW and MLW, MHRD and so on.

I am visiting the plant site alone; meeting people from various departments is great experience.

Here along with us are 6 IIT-ions who are also on training, i have made good friendship with them some of them, and hope the circle keeps on increasing.

Till now i felt IIT-ians would be other world people but they are simply like us down to earth and supportive, all IIT-ians are from IIT-BHU(Banaras Hindu University). Its not that the company just give training to IIT's but also recruit them too. I met three such employees who were IIT students and one such joined two days ago only... I enjoyed today’s day with him as we spent our day together at Technical Training Center.

The company has great instruments too.
WDXRA is the machine which only piramal group owns in the nation is what was told to me in chemical lab, recently another company is implementing the machine is what sir further told, he did not gave the name of the other company to me. The machine here is in chemical lab.

WDXRA is an analysis machine which analyze the contents of glass very accurately.
Its outstanding feature is that we can keep 60 glass samples together in machine on different 60 locations and then machine will keep analyzing it.

Approximately it takes 10 Minutes for 1 glass sample analysis which in lab needs nearly 3 days.
The machine here processes samples automatically with no human presence required as all it does automatically... its approx cost is 1.25 Crores.

Other versatile instruments include Visglas Argos and Visglas Astra, they are quality control machines, previously faulty bottles were taken out manually so quality was not assured but these machines check the bottles with their inbuilt high power camera's and check the bottles based on specifications programmed, and it throws away the bottles not of required quality away from production line with blow of air, the bottle then falls on other belt which moves it back to furance for recyling.. The price of one single such machine is 8-10 crore Rs.

The most beautiful thing about glass is that it is 100% recyclable with no loss in Quality.
Recycling a glass bottle saves as much energy as a 100Watt bulb enlightened for 10 Minutes.
So help in recycling a glass and save energy of the nation.
Hope u all have enjoyed the article, will keep more such articles related to training and other important events.
Keep in touch.
Navneet Singh Chauhan.

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