Friday, June 19, 2009

Training Experienc Contd..

Hello friends,
Hope u all doing great there..
Hope u would have read my preivous posts of training experiences.
Am really enjouying it.
Some one asked me how many days u are here? I told nearly 12 days but when i calculated it was 22 days..
Hmm just 38 days left to be here...

Well by know i have visited 25 and 40 TPD plants and Mould Manufacturing departments and this week i worked at Technical Training Center(TTC).
I have got good experiences at all the four above mentioned places...

At Moulds i have made good friends we usually have chit-chats at canteen on lunch time.

This week at TTC was also great. I have renewed my friendship with other trainees.

I have tried to understand the working of TTC and also worked on some files.

Am now am worrying as what would happen as many of bba trainees will leave me tomorrow and the rest 2-3 on 30th june. then i have to travel on this journey alone, but that doesn't matters much to me as i have experienced much of my life lonely...

Thanks for being here.
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. Hi Buddy, I hope you are doing well. And perhaps doing new things as well...I like this idea of blogs..good.Keep it up!

  2. Honestly talking it is great to see good posts from you and we enjoy your written experience about the training. Wish you best of luck for the rest of journey.