Friday, January 15, 2010

2- States from Chetan Bhagat- Book Review

Hello Everyone, I just finished up reading my First Novel of the Year 2010. 2- States written by one of the most read author Mr. Chetan Bhagat.. Chetan Bhagat is one of the most well educated writers(IIT Delhi, IIM-A) of India. And i am one of his big fan, i am also following him on twitter.. He also writes for Times of India..
Oh.. Let me write something about the book.. The book is a love story of two people which starts in IIM- Ahmedabad. Mr.Krish and Miss Ananya Swaminathan. Krish from Punjab and Ananaya a brahmin Hindu from Tamil Nadu..

This is not an unusual love story, but what makes it different is there struggle to convert their love story in to an arrange marriage. What it takes to convert a love story in to an arrange marriage? what are the hurdles they have to pass, and while crossing these hurdles they still should love each other.. He rightly mentioned at the last cover page of the book.
Love marriage around the world are simple, that is boy love girl. Girl loves boy. They get married….
But in India,
1. Boy loves Girl
2. Girl loves boy..
3. Girls family has to love boy.
4. Boys family has to love girl.
5. Girls family has to love Boys family.
6. Girl and boy still love each other.
They get married..
All these 6 steps are nicely depicted. The book is bounding and there are some funny comic seen where u will surely laugh out… Tragedy scenes are also there as expected in a love story. But at the end Aal izz well…
If still not read do read it…
What makes the book more worth is its relevance, it seems an original love story and i think its Chetan Bhagat’s own love story.. As he married an outside state girl, they two have twins, and both of them were IIM-A class mates..
Fantastic work by chetan bhagat.. I think its a good start for me for the year 2010. Hope to read more books this year….
Some of my personal moments associated while reading the book: I was travelling back home from Vadodara after some work, and i was reading the book and was inside the book.. as usual vendors keep passing inside the trains passage and i was on one of the side seat… A singdana (Peanut Brittle) walla came and shouted Oh! Chetan Bhagat, eh i did not responded, he shouted once more and i smiled while looking at him.. He said howz the book.. i said great by now i am loving it.. He said  he had read the book, I was damn surprised and said really!! he said yes, i like reading books and read all his work… I never thought such vendors in Train read book.. So such is the fan club of Chetan Bhagat.. I purchased some sing (peanut) from him and he moved forward suggesting some more books to read..
Hidden MORAL:
It would be great if everyone starts marrying people from other communities, other states, other religion which will develop a more strong bonding in the people, more close ups between the communities, more understandings and ultimately One INDIA..
So start loving people, stop discriminating.. Love everyone as belonging to a bigger community called INDIA, or still bigger the WORLD…
Its rightly said in Indian Veda’s “ Vasudeva Kutumb”, "All world’s is a family”…
So start putting efforts to convert your love story in to a marriage, if you have any…

Thanks for being here, Please post your comments on article and if you have a good book in mind do share in comments, suggest me which book should i read next…
Thanks and regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan.


  1. Try reading Harry Potter series.

  2. HI..Navneet..If i am not mistaken and my memory supports me then i know that you have inherent passion for story and poetry writing..i am glad that you decided to do something about it..inject more humour and your personal view even more assertively..Looking forward for your upcoming posts..Way to go..

  3. Hi, Kunal... Thanks for commenting.

    Yes i have inherent passion for story and poetry writing..

    Thanks for your suggestions and i welcome them. Yes i will do write something new and of my own.

  4. Unbelievable!! Thank you sir for being here, I misunderstood you with one of my other friend Krunal.

    Thank you..

  5. well navneet.............great reading ur short summary and hidden moral

  6. Hi Arpit. Thanks for your appreciation and being here.!

    Best Regards,
    Navneet Singh Chauhan.

  7. Awesome n movie as well ...start loving stop discriminating ..hope intercaste marriges will b supported in india

  8. true grt book n nw lovely movie , I read dis book in 2010-11 n ws so excited to watch d same n still thr's question in mind "koi kisi ko itna pyar kaise kar sakta hai" I wish I could b one .. .... but any ways Alia as Ananya is like cherry on cake .Chetan B hs written dis book so we'll  I didn't hear a single line out of t book except songs.......... good job keep writing.