Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is LIFE ???

At age 22- 23 defining life is still very immature thing, but still whatever i have experience of it and what i learned from others about life is what i like to share..

Life is a beautiful gift to every human.. A gift from god to every organism born on this earth and in the unknown corners of this universe..

Life is the period which a living organism lives from birth to death.

Life is a beautiful journey from birth to childhood to youth to old age till death..

Life is breathing, eating, knowledge gathering, earning, sharing, fun, struggling, fighting, behaving and every damn thing a person undergoes..

Life is the struggle which an 80 year old man has to take, who can’t walk properly left away by children to the mercy of world struggling for food, asking god for death and in turn getting more life to live - a life more painful then a calm death..
Life is the struggle of a young man dying on operation theatre, his whole family praying for him, the moment he remembers what he literally did on earth and what he will miss, and what will happen if he goes off, its the whole hearted dedication which a doctor takes to safe a life,
and the courage which a hangman takes to kill the person accused of some crime and the person standing on strand still shouting i am innocent, the hang man knows that the person going to die before death never tell lie, but still he performs his duty, he kills him.
Life is a sudden shock or surprise which you unexpectedly get from someone you love, Its the moment you life with others, The moment you laughed with others and someday each such moments becomes reason for your cry when you miss them.
Life is the love you give to someone unknown, unfamiliar, a helpful hand moved for some social cause, life is to smile by seeing someone who is smiling, its not about what you lost for bringing the smile on some other person, its about what peace, satisfaction you earned for this day..
Life is the fight of the military person’s on border fighting for his country and countrymen with other group of military persons with same cause on other side of the border, giving up their life, forgetting their family, relatives, love and their own small world for the sake of the nation.
Life is a struggle not for money but for peace. Life is not getting educated in terms of degree’s its the application of what knowledge you have gained..
Life is not a full stop(.) which means an end, its the collection of them (…) which shows continuity.
Life is a drink not half empty, but half filled.. Its a tea or a coffee which you have to enjoy at its best before it gets cold…
So enjoy your coffee (Life) before it gets cold and take caution don’t try to drink it too early to burn your mouth.
Thanks and Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan…

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