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Help Others- A short story

Just sharing a small short story with a strong moral of helping others, the story is a self created work of my own, and is the original version..
And here it goes like this...

“ I am  a 50 year old men just attended one of my daughter’s marriage and did kanyadan ( A hindu ritual done at the time of marriage which signifies the transfer of all duties and responsibilities of taking care of Girl from girl's parents to the bridegroom's side), my eyes filled up with her memories, hey! though she is not my own daughter but she is not less than my own.. I still remember how she entered in our life.

22 years back when i was 28. I use to live with my wife in one of the cities of India.. We were just married and where living a happy life together. One day when I was driving back to home i could not resist at one of the eateries, and i parked my car there and i thought of having some food here, I entered and ordered “Pizza” soon i got my ordered stuff ‘Hot Veg. Pizza’ and as i was eating it I found a small 3 or 4 year baby girl coming close to me and said “Uncle, I am hungry, please feed me some food” (Uncle, bhook lagi hai, mujhe khilao na ).. I looked at her and found she is very innocent, and cute.. Her nose was dripping out and some dirt on her clothes.. she seems to be a beggar for the world, as i was wondering what to do, she again said “ I am hungry” (Bhookh lagi hai ).. This time I could not resist and i asked for another dish and we ate Pizza together.

After eating I asked her, “ Hello. What's  your good name" (Beta, aapka name kya hai). She replied “Ankita”

I enquired further “Where is your mumma" (Beta, mumma kaha hai aapki). The girl replied “ I don't know she is lost somewhere, its been a week I am searching her. Have you seen her?"  (Mummy- kahi kho gai)

I said “ Father ” she replied ‘Don't know”.. I felt mercy for her..

I asked “What does you dad do?" (Beta, papa kya karte hai),  She said “Don't know but he worked somewhere" (Pata nahi, kahi job karte hai)” and then she started crying and screeming “Mummy, Papa, Mummmmyyyyyy!!! and flow of tears appeared from her eyes..

I wiped her tears with my fingers and said, “Don't worry, i will take you back to your parents, i am here, I am your uncle (Hum aapko aapki mummy- papa se milwayenge, aap roti kyon hoon.. aapka yeh uncle hai na).

After saying this I pondered on my own words, and thought what to do next, without a minute thought i said "Come baby, come to our house, till then we search for your parents stay with us, we will love you and get you a barbie doll too (chalo beta, uncle ke ghar chalo, jab tak mumma nahi milte aap mere ghar rahonge, hum aapko bahut pyar karenge, aapko gudiya bhi dilayenge)

The sweet baby girl after a moment gave the world’s most beautiful smile, which gave me intense happiness, her cute smile still remains in my heart as a memorable token….

I took her in my lap and after paying the money i took her towards my car, got her seated beside me, that is beside the driving seat and drived towards my home..

The bell rang as I stood beside my home with sweet baby girl in my laps, my wife opened it and was shocked, for a moment she remained mum and then said “Who is she" (Yeh, kaun hai)”..
I said “She is “Ankita” – a pretty girl who lost her parents somewhere, somehow. I have found her from street she was real hungry and was left alone on the mercy of this harsh world)” (Ankita-  yeh apne mummy papa se alag ho gai hai, bechari bhooke pet idhar udhar khane ke liye bhatak rahi thi ) .

She replied “And you took her to our home, have you taken the responsibility of all such nasty things of the world? I hope your are not going to make my house full of street beggars. I don't want this problem at my home" (Aur tum utha laye, tumne to puri duniya ka theka le rakha hai, ab yeh kaunse nahi musibat hai).

I got aggressive “You look at her as a nasty thing, don't you see how pretty she is, don't you have a heart? why can’t you take mercy on her? (Yeh tumhe musibat dikh rahi hai, dekho kitne pyari hai, tumhare pass dil hai ki nahi)

She said “Oh she...  how pretty she is?? she had made your new suit dirty, now who the hell will wash this, better you yourself will take care of her and also wash your this dirty suit, am not going to touch it any more unless you wash it out"  (Kitne pyari hai??? dekho kitni gandgi lagi hai, tumhara pura dress kharab kar diya, ab ise khud hi dhona)

The girl caught me tight on my neck with fear and started crying. I holded her back and patted on her and told "AUNTY is very sweet my child, don't worry, she will take care of you and will love you"  (Aunty bahut sweet hai beta abhi gusse me hai, tumko  bahut pyar karengi)

My wife said “ I damn not bother about your sheets, and take this hell out of my home”

I said “ Got mad or what??  its my final decision she will stay here, i will search for his parents, I will report in police and until their parents are discovered she will stay here, and you have to take care of her”

Wife- “Damn, this is what i was expecting, you will get busy with your work and i have to care this girl, and damn this will effect our peaceful night sleeps and guess our relationships, why don't you understand?”

I said “Don't worry darling, the matter will be resolved soon, take her for a bath, until i get some clothes for her”

I drived my car back to purchase clothes and toys for her, and as i drived back home..

I discovered my wife playing with her, and the girl looked much happy and sweet, cute was the best i can describe..
My wife has changed the girl’s cloth after taking her for a bath, and now I was relaxed as my wife finally took the charge.

That night i could not sleep well, as i have to take care of two sweet girls, my wife who was struggling with sweet baby girl, and the baby herself”

The next day i took holiday and got complaint registered in police station, also enquired nearby police stations to discover related complaints from girls parents side.. but returned in disappointment”

2 weeks went off, and i am still struggling for finding her parents, my wife gave me double pressures as she was warring of what if we failed to search her parents, a lifetime care probably”

Despite efforts everything failed, i even thought of getting girl admitted to school, but could not disclose this idea to my wife though she has really started loving her.. the girl by now stopped missing her parents, but still cried some evenings remembering her mom and dad. 

2 more weeks went off, and one fine evening the door knocked, i was at home and opened the door to discover a lady standing out, the girl was sleeping in bed-room, and my wife was in kitchen...

I looked her for a moment wondering who she may be, until she said “Hello, few  days back you got  a girl somewhere in city and brought home?”

I said  “ come in, and please be seated” I said “Its true, but how do you know that?”

She said, “ I just came to know from police station looking for my daughter lost at near same time period, can I see her?? She might be mine daughter”

I said “ Off course and I felt tremendous happiness, followed by worries of loosing her”.

The lady quickly walked in room and discovered that she is her own baby, and lifted her in arms, she became so happy returned kisses to the baby”

The baby girl woke up to discover her mother, she too was very happy”..

My wife joined this happy moments..

Soon she got ready to take her away from us, I called the police so that everything is fine and confirmed, so that the girl goes to her original mother”

Police brooked in and soon the matter was settled, and she took the baby away.

Me and my wife cried for the baby after she went off but after a week our life became normal, and 10 days or so the lady came back to visit our house.

She said the "Ankita" is crying for you people and i can't resist much now so i took her to meet you people, we were really so happy, i can’t believe she is infront of our eyes, i took her in my lap and my eyes got wet, this time my wife also took her and she too wiped her tears”

The lady said, we live in near by city, “15 Kms from here, and you must visit our home sometime and we are extremely thankful for your care to the baby and all pain you faced over for finding her us..

I responded this was my duty as a true Indian, Our culture says to help others at the time they require help..

My wife said “ I am proud of my hubby, it is he who brought her home, and who opened my eyes to love the sweet baby”..

From that day, we got good friends, in terms of girls parents and we continued to visit each others day, soon we too became parents and guess she was also a girl..

Our relationships continued even well today, that sweet girl cares much for me, even today..

I am one of her best friend cum uncle - she said.  And the care which we took for her just for a month, is highly returned by the girl.. She was one of the best thing it happened in our life.


I heard some noise coming and wiped my tears, as my wife came in discovering the pain in my eyes after her marriage.. she said she has just shifted her home, just as i walked in your life.. she would be happy with her married life, don’t worry for her…

This is how a small story comes to an end..

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Best Regards,
Navneet Singh Chauhan


  1. Good story. Very idealistic thinking... But stories are generally..... You are creative.

  2. Thanks for your appreciation and valuable comments.

  3. Good one :) Liked the story :)

  4. gud one......more then it ur creativity is best

  5. Thanks a lot Ruhi for the read and appreciation.

    If you people like this I guess you will also like this one written by me.


  6. Good one Navneet....keep writing

  7. If you really want to change this world to live in a better place, start helping other people. You will feel the difference.

  8. The act of kindness is not a frequent act. Helping others means living not only happier but also healthier,more productive, and meaningful life. Give it a try, and you will see how amazing it is!

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