Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Undo Sent email ?

How to undo or delete a sent email?

Many a times it happens that in hurry we send an incomplete email and just after hitting the send button we realize that something more to be written or needs to be corrected.
But after sending the email we are helpless. We can't do anything.

But no more if you use Gmail email services, you can undo a sent email but only for 5-7 seconds after hitting the send tab. (The regret still remains as its for limited time but still it can save us many-a-times not always though)

As the feature is in beta stage it is not yet released for normal users but you can enable it yourself.

Here is how to enable this feature.

1. Log on to your Gmail account.

2. Click on Gear Icon at top right, then on drop down menu you will find "Mail Settings" option. Click on it. (If you have already enabled some labs feature you will find "Lab" in drop down menu, click on it to skip step 3) Refer the image for references.

Enable Undo Sent email in Gmail - Mail Settings Tab (click on image for a larger version)
3. Click on Labs Tab in Mail Settings.

Enable Undo Sent email Tab in Gmail - Google Labs Tab. (click on image for a larger version)
4. Now you will find a search tab at center of the page. Search "Undo Send". (It is a Dynamic Search so there is no enter option it will auto load as you will type.)

Enable undo Sent email in Gmail. (click on image for a larger version)
As Show in above image. After search you will find "Undo Send" by Yuzo F  under Available Labs. You will find Enable and Disable option. Click on "Enable" to enable it. After enabling it click on "Save Changes" and you are done. Now the Gmail will load again with this new exciting feature. You can also explore other new exciting features in labs.

You can always disable this feature by following the same steps but in 4th step click on Disable and Save it.

Hope this little Tip helps.

Have a great day.

Navneet Singh Chauhan
Founder - Tic Tech Tips.

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How to Recognize a Fake Profile on Facebook?

There are so many fake profiles on Facebook isn't it? But how to recognize them?

Here are few golden rules made by us to identify such fake profiles.

1. No.of Friends: Most fake Facebook profile's have too many friends usually above 1000+. You can look for suspicious profile even if number of friend's is above 500. 

2. Responses to wall posts: Most fake Facebook profile's usually of girl's do not reply to their wall posts. Check their news feeds and if you found that many of them are not responded back, remember it might be a fake Facebook profile.

3. Responses to own status updates: Fake profile's usually do an update and don't bother to comment back on their own status update's.

4. Incomplete Profile: Most Fake Facebook profile's have very few profile information and most of them are young in age.

5. Too few own Photo's: Fake profile's have too few Photo's of their own. They might claim that they are their own photo's but most of them are copied from web.  

TIPS: In order to identify the originality of the pics download the image to your computer and then search that image using Google Image Search (you will find a camera icon at the end of search box click on it to upload the image and search). If you can find same images on web it mean's it is copied from there and profile is a fake profile.

6. Profile Picture: Fake profile's usually have hot and too attractive profile pic.

7. Friending Activity: Fake profile's have too many friending activities. Like "Pooja is now friend with Jatin and 80 more people".

8. Chat Status Offline: Fake profile's are usually found offline and they hardly chat. 

9. Responses to message: Most fake facebook profile's do not respond back to messages.

10. Lot many Tag on other's photo: Fake profile's have too many tag's on other's photo but most of them are irrelevant tagging. You will find almost zero tagging in real pics with faces. 

11. Roleplayers: There are too many fake profile's on Facebook in the name of Roleplayer's. But these people will talk and respond to you and their only goal is to have some fun via roleplay's. If you see their work as "verified roleplayer" or so or details like of a celebrity or a movie story then make sure it is a fake roleplay profile. Many fake roleplayer's profile will inform you themselves that this is their roleplay account.

12. Website promoter's: There are many fake profile's made by Web promoter's and SEO guy's. If you find a profile promoting a website or content of a particular website too often then it might be fake profile. NOTE: Many blogger's promote their own blog and post their link's in such case visit their blog and see if the author name's are common then they might not be fake. Most Fake profile's if created with business interest's keeps liking and sharing update's from certain facebook page and they will keep inviting you to the event's created on that facebook page. Also such profile's are found hardly active on Sunday's as it's holiday.

13. Irrevelant Status Update's: Fake profile's usually do not have sense making update's. Most of them are good morning, good night etc. They are hardly tagged in other's relevant status update's like at McDonald's with the name of fake profile.

Facebook and we at Tic Tech Tips always recommend not to add strangers on Facebook but Facebook is a great place to mix. So here is a Golden Tip, "Before adding somebody as Friend you must have some conversation via Facebook Messages. This will surely help.

These are few of guidelines which may help you to realize a fake profile. All points may or may not be applicable on a specific fake profile. Use your own intelligence to realize fake profile's.

Also if you have found some ways to realize a fake profile let us know.

Navneet Singh Chauhan
Founder - Tic Tech Tips.

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Monday, September 12, 2011


Hello Everyone  there.

We are just done with setting this site.

We plan to write on

1. Science and Technology
2. Mobile and apps
3. Software Technology
4. Space Technology
5. Social Networking
6. Add on's

and on similar stuff's.

So Keep in Touch and bookmark us.

Till we find something good stuff for you.

Have a great day.

Navneet Singh Chauhan
Founder - Tic Tech Tips.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Computing Revolution (Tablet Revolution). - It's Time to TAB.

We are under going New Revolution in our country in our fight against corruption and we have already achieved some success by passing the resolution in assembly.

But are you aware about New Computing Revolution?

Years back someone asked How about having a mobile computing device?

Which gave birth to the first Mass market Laptop by Toshiba. (Apple made first notebook-sized computer, but not a true laptop.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Social Networking Application - TweetDeck.

Hello Everyone.

Today I am sharing one of my favorite PC application which I have downloaded from Intel Applications Center

(Snapshot of Intel AppUp(SM) center Desktop application. Snapshot Shows search results for Twitter)

And the application is TweetDeck.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Contest: Rebrand my Blog. Blog and Win for sure.

Hello All.

I am excited to launch one of its unique kind of Competition were Everyone Will be a WINNER.

The Contest is all about “ Re-branding my blog”.

Yes you read it write. I want to rebrand my blog to something new and exciting. “My Way of Life” now appears a little old school thought so I wish to reposition it to something exciting and cool.

So here are the Contest details please go through.

How to Participate?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Launch Event: Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India. (Live Webcast on 10th August. Time 12 to 2 PM)

My way of life in Association with Samsung Galaxy Tab are bringing together LIVE WEBCAST on the event "Release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India". So stay tuned on 10th August between 12 PM to 2 PM to see the live web cast. The event will be telecasted LIVE on below screen . So do Bookmark it and set a reminder.

LIVE WEBCAST: Event Release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 in India.